Just two decades ago, SUVs were all the rage. And then...the gasoline prices got out of control and car owners began to feel the conscientious of their carbon footprint. Born out of those two conditions was the crossover, which has been going strong ever since. A consistent mainstay in the crossover class has been the Nissan Rogue

And what the 2018 model has to offer will likely allow it to hold its prominent place. If you were anticipating the newest model or are considering buying your first, the upgrades and improvements available are going to make you take a second or third look - and perhaps sign on the dotted line to drive one home.

It’s not just about the whole “Star Wars” campaign, either; car buyers love the 2018 Nissan Rogue for reasons outside of their love of the iconic movie. The Rogue finished fifth in its class last year and is going to wow even more car buyers this year. From the revamped design to the newly-renovated engine, the Rogue has something for everyone. Offering a jazzed-up LED look with all the functionality that car enthusiasts want, nothing was overlooked when this model was overhauled.

For those who are looking for the latest in technology without a high price tag that is simply unaffordable, the Rogue has all those additions without the additional price. New add-ons like pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind spot warnings all come standard and are a great way to minimize human errors and their nasty consequences. And with more updates than just safety enhancements, there are all sorts of things that Nissan did to make the new Rogue attractive to a greater audience than it’s had before.

Luxury without a “luxury” cost

The new Rogue might have a rugged feel and be able to take you where no man has gone before - but you get to do so in style. The addition of high-level leather seats was a welcome one. They feel like butter and make for a much smoother ride. And since they don’t add much to the price tag, it’s a nice feature that many car buyers will appreciate. 

And it’s not just the leather: the seats and steering wheel are heated, so there is no need for an icy grip when the temperature outside drops. The sunroof also makes the ride feel more open and airy, which is what most Rogue drivers and adventure-lovers are looking for. With more room for passenger and driver, there is also more space to bring extra passengers and plenty of cargo along. The trunk space has been extended to over 70 cubic feet, which is greater than both the RAV4 and the CR-V, which are the Rogue’s main competition.

Quite arguably the smallest - yet sweetest - addition for extra space is the “Divide-N-Hide” feature, which is a storage system where you can put things for safekeeping so you don’t have to pack and unpack them due to limited space. 

The interior

Since most drivers spend so much time in their cars, the interior is incredibly important - as is its functionality. The infotainment system is a huge upgrade that can make the commute so much more fun. Coming standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you never have a dull moment in transit - whether you are driving down the street or across the country. Being able to drive without distraction is essential, which is why you can stream all the things you need hands-free in order to keep your eyes on the road and engaged.


The Rogue is the perfect vehicle for the control freak. It grips the road nicely and has excellent steering control, even in the toughest terrain. Also, being able to lower your monthly gas bill is definitely a nice feature. The new Rogue gets about 25-32 miles to the gallon, which means you can drive further for less.

Whether you’ve been a Rogue lover in the past or not, you will absolutely love this Rogue. Upgrades galore, more functionality, and more built-in safety measures mean that not only will you get where you want to go cheaply and in comfort, but you can be assured you will get there safely and in one piece.