Generally speaking, a junk car is one you don’t want anymore because it no longer works. It might have been damaged beyond repair from an accident or maybe it has just reached the end of its life. Whatever the reason, you are still stuck with a car you can’t use. What can you do with it? What is junk to you can be a gold mine to someone else.

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Sell it
Yes, there is money to be had from selling junk cars. You might not realize that what you consider to be junk, is actually valuable to others. Some companies make it very easy for you to sell your broken car. You can even get an instant, fair market quote online simply by giving them some information about your vehicle and your location. 

Sell its Parts
Even if your car doesn't run anymore, there are people who might be interested in some of its parts. You might be surprised what creative and innovative people can do with old car parts. A sculptor named Graham Wardale constructed a 36-foot long vehicle made from scrap parts. Nissan's UK branch unveiled this heap of junk in 2010 as part of a British trade-in Scheme.

Your unusable car is comprised of many parts, some of which others find valuable and are willing to pay for. Some of these parts are:

Wheels, Tires, & Rims
GPS System
Air Conditioning
Air Bags

Donate it
Many charities accept cars as donations. Do your research to find out which ones do and how their process works. For instance, will they pick up your car or do you have to deliver it to them? If you want to find out a little bit about the charity you choose, you can look online at Charity Navigator

Trade it 
If you are purchasing a new car, you might be able to get a little money off your new purchase. Don’t expect to get a lot of money, but every little bit helps. Talk to the dealer to negotiate the best price you can.

Get Creative
By using your imagination and thinking way outside of the box, you can do some fun things with your junk car and its parts such as: 

Turn it into an unusual Halloween decoration or display
Convert it into a fort in your backyard for children to play with 
Decorate it to use as a float for a parade
Use the car hood as a headboard for your bed
Showcase parts like vintage oilcans as decorations on a shelf
Turn an old headlight into a retro lamp

Yes, these are rather unusual ideas, but they could also be fun. All you need is a little imagination and some spare time. 

Donate it to a Trade School
Programs that provide automotive education can use your junk as valuable training tools. Check your local area for trade programs and schools and find out what their policies are for donations.

Recycle it
For the environmentally-conscious, recycling might be a viable option. Let your fingers do the walking online to find out what recycling services are located in your area. Talk to people you know, including your mechanic, to see if they have any suggestions. Once you find the recycling center you want to deal with, you will need to know if they will pick your car up or if you have to deliver it to them. 

Talk to Others
You never know who might be interested in your junk car. Maybe a friend or neighbor has a need for your vehicle or its parts. Or perhaps they know someone else who has an interest in old cars, even ones that don’t work. 

Don’t Forget
No matter what you decide to do with your junk car, don’t forget to remove all your belongings. Check your trunk, the console, your glove compartment, the visors, and under your car seats. Make sure to call your insurance company and cancel the insurance for this car. Find out what the regulations and laws are in your area with regards to your license plates to see if you can use them on another car or if you should return them to the motor vehicle department.