A car is one of the most significant investments you can ever make in your life; therefore it is good to keep it dependable, running well, looking new so that you can have a stress-free ride for a longer period of time. It is good to know that even though other car costs like fuel consumptions, repairs, and insurance charges are out of your control, one thing you can control is ensuring your car stays for long, long time and maintaining is value.  Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether you are capable of spending money on a new car every often or marinating your existing one and make it look new and make it last longer.

Several factors can contribute when it comes to your car breaking down every often. Many a time, you will come across cars which are older but look new while at the same time you find cars of the same vintage looking like they are falling apart. Although you can term the cause of this as maintenance negligence, daily driving habits also can cause this on your car. 

Read with me to learn tips that can help you make your car look new always and last longer.

1. Keep your car clean
Cleaning does not only mean the inner parts or the exterior but the whole car possibly. You can keep your car clean by washing and waxing it on a regular basis. Today, you can buy car Wax in most car automotive shops for waxing the exterior of your car regularly. Set aside time for cleaning tour car and ensure not to perfume it, vacuum the carpet daily if possible. Get rid of spills immediately before they stick on your car. Remember when you wash and wax your car regularly, you are making it hard to rust and also you will prevent paint chips. 

2. Air filter
If you are a driver and you don’t know how to change a car’s oil and oil filter on a daily basis, it’s time to learn that.  However, there are also other important fluids and filters apart from your car’s oil that needs maintenance on a daily basis. It is good to know that changing your air filter improves your car’s breathing system and thus making your car’s engine to last longer. Remember a clogged air filter means that your car’s engine will not be able to function properly and hence you will be spending too much on fuel and also your engine is more likely to break down in the long run.

3. Avoid driving on potholes
If you will have to spend more money on maintain your car just because the road you use while you are on a ride if filled with potholes, you better walk than drive. This is an obvious problem that can cause numerous car breakdowns although many drivers don’t realize this. Remember deep potholes can not only harm your car tires and the wheel, but can also affect the suspension as well as the steering wheel. You will lose nothing when you avoid or slow down for potholes as the more the pothole impact is repeated the more it will impact your car and many parts of your car will loosen thus causing rattles and squeaks.