With manufacturing costs rising, pick-up trucks like the Hilux are now being exported from Thailand to Japan for the first time. The last time production of the pick-up truck was in Japan was back in 2002. With the Hilux being in its 8th generation, the volume of export to Japan since August has hit over 300 units per month.

The move to Thailand was strategic to cater for global production. The plans in Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao serve over 122 countries, according to the Bangkok Post. 2016's volume served up more than 500,000 pickup trucks and Thailand's plant accounted for 64% of the total output. 

With the popularity of pickup trucks, many are turning to mods that are quite impressive to say the least. Here are some that are picking up in trend all over as countries like Thailand and in Asia. 

Tail Gate protector:

Although quite unnecessary, this is purely for aesthetics rather than an actual need. Nevertheless if you're looking to protect against dents and bumps, you may want to opt this one in. In any case, the tailgate protector adds a minor touch that can give your pick-up the necessary ruggedness you’re looking for. 

Fibreglass Canopies

When done right, fiberglass canopies turn your pickup into something else completely. It can range from lightweight ones to heavy duty commercial types. Some even have retractable, ones, made from vinyl and plastic. But durability wise, it's important to choose a fiberglass one. Check all info about fibreglass ute canopies here. 

Bed Extenders:

If 8 feet of bed space isn't enough, then you're going to need some extra space. A bed extender will work best for this. The only setback is not putting small items at the back in case it'll fall out. 

Bed extenders are popular simply because it’s modular in nature and allows easy installation and removal as and when required and needed. 

One note on canopies: such modifications to your vehicle may result in different vehicle classes which may be subject to additional road taxes in your country. Do check with local laws if you need any clarification. 

As pick-up trucks become more widely popular among countries in Asia Pacific, we’re bound to see more modification options pop up. Stay tuned as we cover more of them in our next few articles.