Every driver would like to drive the safest car in the world.  Safe cars for senior citizens have special features that make driving comfortable for older drivers. Safe cars for senior citizens in 2018 have the following features; electronic stability control helps in maintaining control of the car when avoiding hazards, 2018 cars like the Toyota Camry have curtain airbags for protecting the head and auto emergency brakes that help in reducing car crashes from the rear end.

Safety features for senior citizens in a Toyota Camry

Traction control
A Toyota Camry has traction control systems which measure wheel rotation when accelerating, to maintain a firm grip and car stability. Toyota Camry car wheels cannot spin because the engine power can be reduced or temporary brakes can be applied and the car will move smoothly even on surfaces that are slippery.

Intelligent speed Assist
Toyota Camry has an intelligent speed assist technology commonly known as the speed govern that alerts the driver when he/she exceeds the allowed speed limit. This technology uses both audio and video warnings to remind drivers that they are over speeding and they need to slow down.

Active Breaking systems
Senior citizens should have cars that have active breaking systems to provide them a braking support for any road emergencies. Toyota Camry has an advanced active breaking system that automatically helps the driver to avoid collision.

Handling and stability
Safe cars for senior citizens should have a good handling and stability to give the driver more control of holding the road and being more responsive. A Toyota Camry has a good design and well integrated car’s steering, suspension, braking acceleration, body and weight distribution.

Visibility means the ability to see and be seen when driving. Every driver should be able to see clearly in the surrounding in order to detect risks and hazards in advance. Other road users should be able to see your car on the road. A Toyota Camry has daytime running lights that allow other drivers to see it easily. This car is therefore one of the safest cars for senior citizens.

Front Airbags
Safe cars have front airbags that helps to protect the driver from hitting other parts of the car in case of a frontal crash. Front airbags go hand in hand with seatbelts.

Knee airbags
Safe cars for the elderly have driver’s knee airbags which are well designed to protect the driver’s knee in case of an accident.

Pedestrian auto emergency braking
Safe cars for senior citizens in 2018 will have a pedestrian auto emergency braking, a safety technology that can help stop or reduce the impact of a crash. This technology can detect vulnerable road users from their characteristics and shape by use of a camera and a radar. It alerts the driver of an impending crash and allows him/her to use the maximum braking capacity of the car and it can independently apply the emergency brakes in a critical condition. Toyota Camry 2018 has the best pedestrian auto emergency braking.