Advancing technology continues to make drivers safer. Many car-manufacturers have created specific integrated features to minimize risks and maximize safety, but what about drivers without access to these cutting-edge vehicles?

Innovative brands have developed various safety-boosting gadgets compatible with most cars, and the four discussed below are some of the best on today’s market.

1. The Blind-Spot Mirror

Unfortunately, every driver has to contend with blind spots. These make driving on busy roads, with traffic moving across multiple lanes, a challenge – especially if other drivers are being less careful than they should. 

A simple stick-on blind-spot mirror lets you see those hidden zones and minimize the risk of colliding with a vehicle you simply can’t see. These offer a powerful visual confirmation that your blind spots are clear, allowing you to change lanes and navigate the road around you with greater safety. 

Blind-spot cameras are available too, though some of these are designed to activate whenever you initiate a turn signal. As a result, there may be a delay before you can see around you – possibly allowing for mistakes.

The blind-spot mirror, on the other hand, is always visible when you need it. 

2. Speed and Proximity Detectors

Staying aware of the speed limits around you can be difficult, especially when you feel distracted by heavy traffic or are driving in low-visibility conditions. Driving too fast or too slow may land you in legal trouble – not to mention cause accidents. 

Speed and proximity detectors are designed to attach to your windshield (inside the car) and keep you notified of the current speed limit. They also track nearby vehicles and pedestrians, and trigger a sound (usually a tone) to alert you of potential hazards. 

An icon will typically appear on the gadget’s screen too, informing you of a dangerously slow or fast speed. These may be integrated into cars fresh off the production line, but attaching one to your current vehicle can still prove to be a life-saver.

3. Dash-Mounted Cameras

Driving can be dangerous for various reasons, not least the behavior of fellow drivers. 

Events beyond your control may lead to potentially-dangerous situations. Perhaps a man or woman having a bad day will become enraged at the first person who cuts in front of them or tells them to slow down. Road rage may spiral out of control, into violence or accidents.

Furthermore, careless drivers and unsafe vehicles can cause severe problems to themselves, to yourself, and to pedestrians.

Dash-mounted cameras record everything in front of you as you drive, capturing every second of a journey. The footage you collect can prove powerful if you need evidence that someone else acted inappropriately or was to blame for a collision. 

4. Diagnostics Trackers

An on-board diagnostics (OBD) unit is fitted beneath the dashboard in almost every car or truck produced today, and can be accessed with certain gadgets. Various GPS tracking devices may be plugged into your car’s OBD, and provide essential details to help you monitor your driving.

Such information includes risky speed limits, distance traveled, and crossing of pre-set boundaries. Businesses may use these to help keep drivers using company cars or trucks on their best behavior, while they can also be used to help you monitor how safely other members of your family are handling your vehicle. This can help them stay aware of their behavior and improve their driving overall.

As powerful as these gadgets are, accidents can and do happen. NonStop Towing discussed the lasting importance of towing firms:

“The best gadgets can’t stop every engine from failing or every vehicle running out of gas – and this means towing services will always be essential to help keep drivers and roads safe. Every conscientious car-owner should have the number of a reliable towing firm stored in their phone at all times, for the benefit of themselves and other drivers.”