If you’re new to travelling and planning holidays in your motorhome, it might feel like there is a lot to remember. After a couple of trips, it’ll become much easier but for the time-being, it might feel daunting to set off on your first motorhome adventure with the rest of the family.

Tasks such as packing your motorhome efficiently, finding the right route and even learning to drive such a large vehicle may all seem a little tricky at first. With that in mind, Premier Motorhomes offer some tips for your first motorhome adventure, so that you can travel confidently. After all, there’s no point having a motorhome if you’re not sure how to handle one!

Getting out and about

So, you’ve got a destination in mind and everyone’s looking forward to the first big trip in the new motorhome. The only problems now are how to get there and choosing the right pitch once you arrive.
As motorhomes are significantly bigger than your average family car, it can sometimes present a challenge on the roads. After all, depending on your destination you may face narrow lanes or remote campsites. If you have a satnav, that’s great but it may not help you much in a motorhome.

Check if your chosen campsite suggests a route or directions and follow that, instead of the satnav. A satnav’s postcode system may not always take you directly to the campsite and you could end up on the other side of a valley if you’re not careful!

Once you’ve arrived, you may have a choice of pitch. There are various aspects to consider; do you want to be close to amenities such as toilets and showers, or further away? Beware of areas under trees as the grass is often of poor quality and your motorhome is likely to get dirtier from debris and birds. You should also check where the rainwater drains to, making sure your motorhome isn’t in its path.

How to drive your motorhome confidently

Many people may be put off their motorhome dreams because it’s daunting to drive one, but really it’s just about being a little more aware of your surroundings and the size of your vehicle. Give yourself more time and space than you would normally, and brake earlier.

The length of your motorhome means you should also aim to take corners widely, and ensure that you are driving at the legal speed limit for the weight of your motorhome.

When it comes to parking, make sure you aren’t causing an obstruction and watch out for height barriers on car parks. A tip that many motorhome drivers follow is to detail the height, width, length and weight of their vehicle on the dashboard so they know at a glance if the motorhome is going to fit in smaller spaces!

Looking after your motorhome

Your motorhome will no doubt have been sat on your driveway or in the garage, sparkling new. Now that it’s time for your first adventure, you may be apprehensive about making sure it stays in great condition.
Carry out a few checks before you set off; including checking for leaks, the tyre pressure and the battery. Check that all appliances are working properly too!