So you got a new car. And now you want to protect it from, well, everything! For that to happen, you obviously want to buy the best car cover possible. There are many different places and brands to choose from, in fact, many car manufacturers themselves make car covers for the different models of their cars.

But no matter where you buy the car cover from, you need to consider a couple of things to make sure that you make the right choice. So here are a few of those things that will help you buy the best car cover for your car.

Test and See if it Fits the Car Well

You need to get a cover that fits your car perfectly well. For this reason it is best that you get a cover that is made specifically for your car, considering its size and model and everything. 

When you go and buy the cover, make sure you test it first to see that it fits. If any part of your car is left uncovered, it becomes vulnerable to collecting dust, dents and accumulating tiny imperfections on the paint-job on that part. Because of this, your car may look very uneven on the surface. So you need to make sure that the cover is a perfect fit.

Consider the UV Protection Capabilities of the Cover

A good cover does a great job of protecting the car from the sun. It doesn’t let the car heat up too much on the inside and absorbs the UV rays from the sun which can ruin the paint of the car and make it look murky and old. 

Make Sure It is Durable

Your car cover must be resilient to a little bit of rough usage and shouldn’t tear or rip easily. It must last a long time – at least a couple of years – and aptly protect the car during its lifespan. No rain or extreme temperatures should be able to damage it easily.

Try to Get a Waterproof Cover

One of the worst things that can happen to a car is a heavy downpour. It makes the car look dirty and old and can even make it vulnerable to other kinds of damage. So it is best that the cover you get for your car is waterproof, and is, therefore, able to easily protect the car from the rain. 

The Best Covers are Temperature Resistant

During a heatwave or generally hot weather, getting into an uncovered car is equivalent to stepping in hell. The harmful heat rays inside the car are also dangerous radiations that could damage our skin and other body parts. Therefore a cover that can ward off temperature effects is crucial.

Buy a Car Cover that has good Endurance

Make sure the car cover you get is padded well enough to absorb the impact of anything that might bump into it. This includes heavy hail, heavy raindrops and stones and gravel.