Where would businesses be without transport? Getting to clients, suppliers, offices and colleagues would be, at best, difficult, but is impossible in the majority of cases. The nature of doing business in this day and age is global, particularly in the US. Exports from the US to foreign markets were worth $15.7 billion in July.

Most trade on these shores is done locally. Even then, transport is an essential part of making sure that clients and retailers alike are both happy. To make it work for businesses, they need to look at having some transport services in place, but how and why?

Automotive transport services is the term used for a motoring business’s supply chain. It covers all the different stages of supplying goods and raw materials to businesses, from the end of production to the delivery of the finished product. It needs to be as smooth and efficient as possible and much of it is usually handled by a logistics business.

Factory to Office

For the automotive industry, there are many stages, beginning with the production. The production of vehicle parts like exhaust pipes and clutches should be done on time, without any kind of delay. Having a logistics company like TNT involved in the automotive supply chain can help prevent costly delays.

The next steps are inventory checks and preparation for transit. A specialist transport service would take on the task of performing inventory checks from the supplier, checking that the vehicle parts set to be delivered are exactly what the client wants. This boosts efficiency and saves time.

Afterwards, the actual transportation of the goods from factory to office can begin. At this stage of the supply chain, the logistics company involved will plan the quickest and most efficient route. They will try to avoid roads which are affected by heavy traffic along the way.

Final Delivery

The delivery itself is handled entirely by the logistics company. They will agree a delivery time with the client and supplier, plan a route and, to save money on fuel costs, take on multiple orders in the same trip. This is where businesses using this form of supply chain can expect to save a few dollars on their final bill.

Auto sales in the US may not be in great shape, but for manufacturers, mechanics and parts sales companies, a reliable supply chain can make a big difference. Reliability, punctuality and quality will give them every chance of making a profit and satisfying their customers.