The popularity of a vehicle says a lot about the time and place of its peak. The Mustang spoke to the youthful attitude of optimism and rebellion that everyone felt in the United States in the 960s. In 1974, the year after the oil crisis, America’s best-selling cars were the Plymouth Valiant and the subcompact Ford Pinto, designed to compete with smaller, fuel efficient Japanese imports threatening the dominance of American manufacturers. 

The Ford Escort of the 1980s reflected a smarter way to drive after the oil crisis and multiple recessions rocked the 1970s. Many say that the SUV was the vehicle of the 1990s, taking the highways and parking lots by storm. It epitomized everything about the safety, wealth, and comfort of the suburban ’90s.

So why is the Ford F150 the bestselling vehicle among wealthy car buyers today, beating out luxury brands like BMW, Audi, and Lexus? The Ford F150 combines all the right ingredients of a vehicle that everyone wants: safety, luxury, space, and status. It’s also a practical set of wheels, making it a particularly popular vehicle among small business owners and contractors who haul heavy loads or get down to work for their business. It’s the vehicle of the Do-It-Yourself success story, and at the Ford dealership in Brampton Colony Ford Brampton, you can get into a Ford F150 at a great price. Even the most luxurious F150s sell for under sixty thousand, making it a bargain compared to options from luxury automakers.

What’s fuelling the F150’s popularity with successful consumers is a new line of luxury features, like heated and cooled seats, a top-of-the-line infotainment system that includes Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, not to mention an 8-inch touchscreen, and a modern, masculine style that always turns heads. When it comes to safety, the F150 had the highest performance in crash tests, largely due to the use of aluminum, which improves both safety and reduces the weight. It’s also been praised for its light driving features that are family-friendly, making it great for both work and play.

Brampton’s a growing city with plenty of room to succeed – and you need the vehicle to go with your success. You need a Ford Brampton dealership like Colony Ford Brampton that respects what you look for in a vehicle, whether it’s a workhorse, a luxury interior, or a safe, friendly drive for your family. Just because you’re looking for a vehicle that’s high in style and comes with status recognition, doesn’t mean you’re about to pay more than you have to. That’s not how you got to be as successful as you are, and it’s not what local, family-owned Ford dealerships in Brampton are all about.

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