Electric cars (or electric vehicles in general) are becoming more popular. We have more vehicles to choose from, along with improved electric motor and battery technologies, better-supporting facilities, and various incentives to benefit from. A switch to an electric vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make today.
Before you do decide to abandon your gasoline-powered car and switch to an all-electric or an EV, there are a few important things you need to know first. We are going to review those things you need to know before buying an EV in this article.

Understand Your Charging Option

While EV manufacturers are moving towards a more standardized charging mechanism, the vehicles available today are using charging methods that are not always compatible with each other. Tesla has its own fast charging technology and so has BMW, Nissan, and other electric car manufacturers.

The charging technology behind EVs can be simplified into three categories. The first two are known as Gen 1 and Gen 2, which gives you around 5 miles and 25 miles of range for every hour of charging respectively. Gen 1 uses 120 volts while Gen 2 utilizes 240 volts. Regardless of the technology used, you may need to install a compatible charger to be able to charge your EV at home.

Gen 3, also known as DC fast charging, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Soon, we will have a universal charger, but for now, you must consult the car manufacturer for the right charger to use. Don’t forget to also check the public charging points available near you before making any purchase decision.

Features and Other Details

Buying an electric vehicle is very similar to buying a conventional car. You still have to go through the features, trims, insurance, and financing options before making your purchase decision. What’s different is the grants and other aids you can claim for buying an electric vehicle and saving the environment.

For financing, it is always best to get an auto loan pre-approved. Resource centers such as Apply and Buy now let you compare auto loans from multiple lenders and apply for the best deal on the market. Don’t just settle for the financing options offered by your dealer because they are still not the best options most of the time.

Comparing Deals

The grants and aids mentioned earlier are actually significant. Different state governments offer different grants for EV owners. The federal government is also encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles with grants and bonuses. When comparing deals from different EV brands, make sure you take these grants into consideration.

Now that you know the important things to keep in mind when buying an EV, you can enter this exciting market and review your options. It is an exciting market indeed, with new cars such as the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i3, the VW e-Golf, and of course the Nissan Leaf pampering EV drivers to the max.