The Nissan Juke is not a new model in the Nissan family, but its features are completely innovative and put the Juke in a class all its own. The sleek new design, 17-inch alloy wheels and trim are all enhanced features that have car buyers taking a second look. Whether you are a Nissan guru or not, the 2017 Nissan Juke just might turn you into one.

What is new for the 2017 model

Whether or not you have owned a Juke in the past, there are some awesome upgrades for the 2017 model. The cold weather package is one of the best features to keep you warm and help give the Juke a high-end feel. Also, the Juke Black Pearl Edition is something that any car enthusiast will want to put in their collection. It’s a limited edition with only 1000 available, so if you are interested, you’d better jump on it while you can. The Juke has several other models to choose from as well. It’s not just available in a limited edition; there are also the S, the SV, the SL, the Nismo and the Nismo RS. 

Safety is number one

The 2017 Nissan Juke has consistently earned three stars in crash tests for both rollover and front-end collisions. It scores moderately high on overlap side, front, and roof strength, as well as on seat and headrest tests -- which means that you can feel secure when you are carrying your most precious cargo: the ones you love. 

The Juke was designed to be a fun and sporty crossover, compared to the Nissan Rogue, but although it scores highly in the “fun” department, it might be slightly lacking in the spaciousness one. It’s not necessarily a great vehicle to transport cargo; there is ample room for passengers, but it isn’t going to be as large as a wagon or hatchbacks in the same class. 

But extra space wasn't the Juke's designers' intention. The vehicle is supposed to be a sporty ride to accommodate the adventurer in everyone. It’s a practical crossover that has the performance to go just about anywhere you can imagine. Go from mountain caverns to high peaks without any fear; this little bundle of joy can take it all.

The turbocharged engine is also something that Juke owners simply rave about. The car starts at just a little over $20,000; it delivers everything that you need and then some with a pretty awesome speed capacity and a high-endurance engine. 

The engine has 188 HP with 177 pound-feet of torque attached to it. That makes for a lively ride, and it is much faster than other cars in the same classification. The best news is that the car gets up to 32 miles per gallon, which helps to cut back on fuel costs for those who like to go on road trips and explore exotic places.

If you are a real car enthusiast, the Juke is one of the few crossovers available that offers a six-speed manual transmission. That allows you to shift your own gears, putting the power back in your hands. The manual transmission is also very responsive, but sometimes hardcore drivers want a little more command. 

The sporty nature of the Juke means that you can take it off-roading with ease. It feels more like a hatchback than a crossover; it isn’t about the room, but about the fun and the ease with which it grips the road that attracts the Juke buyer.

As an all-weather-terrain vehicle, it is an excellent automobile for all types of climates, especially those that pose a little more challenge like ice and snow. The optimum traction grips the road and helps keep the driver in control. 

The reason Nissan Juke stands out from other crossovers in the same category is that it might be a smaller car, but it packs a big feel. Including an integrative infotainment system, the real entertainment comes in from being able to go where others haven’t gone before, with the security of knowing that this little bullet can take anything you can throw at it. If you are looking for performance and are okay with losing a bit of “space,” the Juke is by far the best car for the adventurer at heart looking for a little speed and excitement.