A stylish car creates a stellar impression in people’s minds. LED car lights can modify your car to bring out that astonishing look that you long craved for. Besides pimping your headlights, you can redefine your interior car area for less than five fours and only $50. Here is how LED lights can pimp your car out: 

Things you’ll need  

- LED strips 
- RGB LED strip controller 
- Strand wires 
- Connectors 
- Soldering gun 
- Silicon gun stick 

The steps 

Here is what you should do: 
Take apart your console 
Basically, you should remove enough panels to reach the wiring of the car’s auxiliary power or cigarette lighter and find an apt spot to place the switch. 

Add an auxiliary extension 

Look for 12v power line- normally the white or red wire that goes into the cigarette lighter socket. You should also find the black wire that is connected to the outside of the socket. Then, expose the insulation from both the red and black wires in the double strands and connect them to the 12V and the other black wire respectively. 

Install the switch 

You should take either the positive or ground and connect it to one of the terminals on the switch. Moreover, you need to add about 6 inches of the double-stranded wire, which will be used to connect to the controller circuit. 

Affix LED strands  

Create 2 inches square of MDF (two for every strand), glue each one of them to the end of each stand, and allow it to cure. Meanwhile, you can pick out suitable spots to place the strings at the bottom of your car. Choose something that is part of the chassis, but ensure that it’s not too close to the exhaust line or the engine. 

Wire the LED Strands 

Every car is different, but generally, there should be an opening near the front wheel (and the right wheel for cars driven from the right side). Make a loop of string around the double-strand wire end and run it through the hole. Connect each of the LED strands, wire them in parallel - black-to-black, red-to-red, and solder them up using the soldering gun. Preferably, use Totron light bar, which is the best-rated LEDs in market today- it’s an LED that’s not only used when driving at night but also on marine vehicles, and other heavy equipment. 

Install the Project Box 

Put two screws on both ends of the project box so you can bolt in the wires. Ensure that you leave enough allowances on the inside to account for any twisting. Then, place the box under the console, screw in the wires to their respective spots, and secure it with a duct tape so that it does not rattle. 
Note: some states and municipalities prohibit having a vehicle with non-signal lights on the road. Thus, you should consult with your local authorities before taking your newly pimped ride on the street. 
Performance and style should go hand in hand when it comes to vehicle modification. You can differentiate your ride from the rest easily by simply installing car LEDs that will create elegance to your ride unmatched by any other.