There is no better feeling than passing your driving test. Insurance is not the first thing on your mind at this time, but it is something that any new driver needs to seriously consider. Insurance can be an enormous expense for first-time drivers so it is important to look for ways to reduce your premium.

One way to bring down costs is to buy the right car. If you buy a safe, reliable and practical car, it could drastically bring down the cost of insurance. In addition to this, these are key factors that any motorist wants from their very first automobile. Here are the top 3 cars for affordable insurance:

Dacia Sandero

Budget brand Dacia pride themselves on their affordability. Unlike other brands who focus on creating luxury automobiles, Dacia target new drivers with their affordable and entry-level cars. This also makes them very cheap to insure.

It may not turn heads, but the Dacia Sandero is very practical and safe. It has a surprisingly spacious and comfortable interior despite its compact size, it has a large boot for storage and very low running costs. If you want no frills driving and a car which is affordable to run, insure and buy, the Dacia Sandero is an excellent choice.

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is a compact city car that has won over every car magazine thanks to its affordability without compromising on quality. It feels like a big car behind the wheel and has many larger car features, all within a compact design that it ideal for first-time drivers. Due to the small size and small engines, the Hyundai i10 is very cheap to run and as cheap to insure as any car on the market.

The i10 does not pack as much personality as other city cars, yet it ticks all the boxes and the affordability will appeal to younger drivers.

Ford Focus

A UK classic, there is a reason that the Ford Focus has been the best-selling car in the country. It is a great choice for many different types of driver as it is superb to drive, it is well-equipped, spacious and comfortable inside and good value for your money when you buy at places like AA Cars. The Focus is cheap to insure too as it is very safe, but also because repairs are affordable thanks to the abundance of parts supply.

These three cars are great choices for new drivers due to the fact that they are so cheap to insure, but also affordable to purchase and very reliable.