Your car is an expensive and valuable piece of property you own. It only makes sense that you’d want to keep it looking nice and clean. The better you take care of it, the easier it’ll be to sell it when the time comes. It’s important not to slack and let it go over the years. 

Put your time and energy into making it look attractive. Do your research and figure out what features you want to focus on highlighting. There are simple techniques for you to use and have your car go from unappealing to striking in no time. See tips for keeping your car looking nice. 

Wash It

It’s important to wash your car on a regular basis. Especially if you’ve just purchased the vehicle and want to show it off. A Ford Kuga is a roomy and comfortable SUV, but the car looks so much better when it’s cared for and spotless. Either take it to a car wash place or do it yourself. It’s really easy to wash your car in your driveway on a warm afternoon. Either way, consistently keep the dirt and grime off it. Washing your car is good for the exterior and makes it look fresh and clean instantly. 

Clean It

Take care of your car by cleaning it. Avoid leaving papers and food wrappers all over the back seat. Each time you leave your car, take an item with you. Leaving your car spotless on the inside will help you avoid any unfortunate stains or spills. It’s a quick project that’ll have you feeling like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. It’s another place where you can remove clutter from your life.


Schedule routine maintenance on your car. Go for oil changes, rotate your tires and listen to the mechanic when they suggest improvements. Doing this will keep your car in good shape in places you can’t always see. If you don’t understand what the mechanic is telling you to do, simply ask him to explain it to you. 

Keep Pets Out

It’s best to keep pets out of your car. Their fur is likely to molt everywhere and oftentimes they’re dirty. If you have to bring your pet, put them in a crate or set a towel down to protect your interior. While you know you love your pet, they aren’t the cleanest creatures on the planet. If you have to transport them, clean the car when you’re done. 

Consider where you Park

There may be times you have to park your car in a parking lot or in the street. Doing this puts you at risk from dents and scratches from other drivers. Be careful when you’re parking the car and make sure there’s plenty of space between vehicles. You don’t want your bumper all bent out of shape when you return to take your car home. If may be worth the extra effort to park further away in a good spot and walk. 


It’s common to forget about taking care of your car. It’s not the first to-do on your mind when you wake up every morning, but it’s necessary. These are tips for keeping your car looking nice.