Road trips with kids can be a real nightmare if you haven’t got a suitable car. Gone are the days when you could cruise through the town in a sleek two-seater with your hair blowing in the wind. Now you need to think about safety and security and the space for every member of the family. Even if you’re just expecting your first child, thinking about your car is important. After all, your baby will ride in your car before you even get home from the hospital. So, here are some things you’ll need to consider when shopping for a family car.



When it comes to family cars, the more space you have the better. It’s not just so you and your family have plenty of legroom, but kids often come with their own set of needs. You may have to carry a pram or push-chair with you. You may need to carry a diaper bag or a bag full of snacks and drinks. As a parent, you have to be prepared for any eventuality, especially if you’re going on a long journey. So, the more storage space you have in your car, the better prepared you can be when your four-year-old decides to jump in a ‘puddle’ that ends up being more like a lake.

Folding Down Seats

Big families will often find times when a big boot just isn’t enough. Perhaps you need to do a large weekly shop to feed all the mouths in your family and need the space for shopping bags. Perhaps it’s a bit of a challenge when you need to transport all the Christmas presents you’ve been hiding at grandma’s back to your own home on Christmas Eve. This is where folding down back seats can really be handy. You can find some tips on organising your boot space here - Having the option of creating extra space will always be a bonus for a big family.


Multiple Car Seats

Having a great length on a car is ideal, but you also need to consider the width of the back seats. If you have three children and they all need car seats, you’ll need to make sure their seats can fit next to each other. You can find a range of suitable cars here -  Many parents make the mistake of buying a car with the presumption that they’ll find seats to fit. This isn’t always possible. Before making any commitments, measure the width of the back seats and make sure you can find seats that fit perfectly.

Safety Rating

Don’t just go to a car garage and purchase the first car you like. It’s important to find out safety ratings and other safety aspects before a purchase when you have your children in mind. You can find out the results of crash tests and details on specific safety issues, like air bags online. You may want to opt for a car that can give you easier access to your children in the event of an emergency, like one with sliding back doors.