When you buy a used car, you always pay attention to its main characteristics. You want to know the mileage, its real age, all reports on the vehicle, the insurance history, and of course, whether this car has been stolen. However, the seller not always wants to provide you with truthful information. Moreover, the seller himself may also know some surface information on the car.

Checking a vehicle prior to buying it is all about your safety. In case you are not sure that the car or motorcycle has passed all maintenance checks, nothing will guarantee that the vehicle will work perfectly. To protect yourself and ensure that you made a great choice with a car, https://vincarhistory.com/ will be a perfect tool.

How to save time and money with VinCarHistory?

Being a responsible customer, you should take care of getting know all possible details on the car. If you have never bought a car previously, you may have some problems with where to find such information. Of course, you can always request reports from various organizations and stations on your own, but it will take too much time.

It is a fast tool that allows getting a full report on a car just in a few minutes. Everything you need to know is the VIN of the vehicle. On the website, you will find a detailed guide that will tell explain to you where exactly you can find information about the VIN on your car. So even though you even did not hear about this number, you still would not have problems with checking a car.

When you have found the VIN, everything that’s left to do is to enter the number into the field on the main page of a website. You will get a report that covers all important information just in a couple of minutes.

Services for U.S. and Canada sellers and buyers

VinCarHistory is oriented on the customers from the United States and Canada. The matter is that the reports on vehicles are generated by the careful analysis of the information provided by insurance agencies operating in the U.S. and Canada, inspection stations from these two countries, dealerships and auctions that provide services on their territory.

Additionally, the data from U.S. Motor Vehicle Title System and the most known vehicle agencies of Canada is checked. This allows getting the fullest information on the car that you want to buy.

As the information is collected from the reliable resources, the clients may be sure that it is relevant and credible. VinCarHistory acts as the third-party application to validate the quality of vehicles that are purchased and sold across the United States and Canada.

The information on the vehicles is provided for free. If you have some questions on the report, you can always contact the support team via website and social media. All the questions and problems that the clients meet more frequently than others are indicated on the FAQ page of the website.