If you’ve started a business during the last couple of years, you might consider buying or renting a company car. That is a fantastic idea because it will make you appear professional and confident. You can use the vehicle to attend meetings with clients and ensure you always make the right impression. However, lots of people get it wrong because they fail to select the right brands. There are only a few manufacturers that produce cutting-edge corporate cars that meet your criteria. In this article, readers will discover the top three companies they need to consider. If you get a new model from any of these firms, you’re on the right track.



Mercedes-Benz vehicles are renowned for being some of the most luxurious cars. Sales have taken a slump during the last few years. However, the team at Mercedes still produces cutting-edge designs that beat the competition. If you want to create a positive impression at meetings, you should think about turning up in a car made by this company. Their brand name has become somewhat of a status symbol in the business world. The moment you pull into the car park, your clients will feel like they’re dealing with a successful expert. Best of all? All Mercedes vehicles made in the last ten years are extremely comfortable. So, they’re also perfect for long commutes.



For the last fifty years, the German carmaker BMW has been in competition with Mercedes. Sometimes they’re ahead, and sometimes they’re behind. However, the race is often neck and neck with both companies trying to outdo each other at every turn. Putting up to meetings in a BMW will create a slightly different impression psychologically. You’ll get all the same benefits of appearing like a successful expert, but you’ll also encounter some other advantages. For example, BMW vehicles are often associated with young and innovative people. So, you might look a little cooler than you would have done in the Mercedes.



You should choose a Lexus if you want the best results, but you don’t have much money to spend. To most people, the brand is considered luxurious and reliable. You aren’t going to appear wealthy, but you will seem like an individual who knows what they want. A Cars and Co Lexus dealer told us that more young professionals are moving towards that brand at the moment. Think of it as a stepping stone to BMW or Mercedes. Lexus cars are much cheaper in most instances, but they’re just as comfortable and fast.

Now you know which brands create the best impression, we hope you will make the right decision this year. At the end of the day, psychologists claim that people form an opinion of a stranger within the first few seconds. So, arriving in style is always going to work in your favour. That is the case, even if the other party has no idea about your technique. You will subconsciously build trust with that person before you shake their hand. With a bit of luck, that will mean you have more success in your business dealings.