There is no doubt that having a vehicle makes getting around a lot easier. Even those who live in areas with excellent public transport recognize there’s a difference between planning outings based on schedules versus being able to hop in a car and go. Since you’ve decided to purchase a vehicle, it’s time to ask yourself some questions. The answers will make the search for the perfect mode of transport a lot simpler. 

What Kind of Vehicle Would Serve You Best?

There is more than one type of vehicle to consider. Perhaps it’s just you and maybe one other person who will be using it on a daily basis. In that case, you may want to buy a car that is large enough for the two of you and provides a little extra room to spare.

When you anticipate using the vehicle for more than getting from one place to another, a truck is worth considering. Trucks certainly come in handy when it comes to purchasing firewood for the winter, hauling some newly acquire furniture home, or helping a friend move. 

Do You Want a New or Used Vehicle?

Depending on the constraints of your budget, the plan may be to focus the search on used vehicles. Conventional wisdom dictates that they will be less expensive than their new counterparts. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, be prepared to check histories, maintenance records, and have a mechanic inspect any car or truck that catches your eye. That will help you determine if the vehicle will provide reliable transportation and is worth the asking price. 

Even if you think a new car or truck is out of your price range, it never hurts to check with a few dealers. There may be a make or model you are not familiar with that happens to be only a little more than the used vehicles you are considering. When all the purchase details are worked out, the monthly payments may be no more than the payments you would make on a used car or truck. 

Would You Prefer a Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Many consumers default to an automatic transmission because of the ease. Others have traditionally gone with manual transmissions as one way to enjoy more efficient mileage. What you may not know is that the automatic car transmissions of today are much more efficient than those made a couple of decades ago. If the main reason you wanted to go with a manual was to save on fuel, an automatic may do just as well. If you love the control of shifting the gears yourself, focus the search on vehicles with manual transmissions. 

Remember that buying any vehicle requires attention to detail. The goal is to purchase something that needs little more than basic maintenance and spends more time on the road than it does in the shop. Take your time and don’t be rushed. With the right amount of care, you’ll end up with a vehicle that serves you well for a long time.