The privileges of car ownership are something most people look forward to. Complete freedom and privacy are part of the experience along with the pride and joy of owning a sleek new vehicle. This experience though comes at a cost. Car EMIs pop up every month to remind us that we need to curb our indulgences and this can go on for years.

To counter these new expenses that can go on for years, including high car loan rate of interest, you can use a bit of innovative thinking and get your car to earn back your costs without breaking a sweat. The ZAP co-ownership model allows you to do exactly this. Save up to 70% on your EMI costs with this responsibly planned initiative.

A Simple Plan

The premise of this initiative is really simple. Most car owners use their cars just 10% of the time. That leaves a lot of hours where your car gathers dust in a parking spot. By allowing your car to be used during some of these dormant hours, you can earn income that will go a long way in paying back your EMIs. List your new car on Zoomcar’s platform by becoming a ZAPster. At your convenience, you can just simply use the app to make your car available. Sit back and relax as your new car hits the road, earning back its own costs.

Take Advantage Now

You can buy a new car with special vehicle loan interest rates offered by Zoomcar’spartners too. Take advantage of its efficient network of loan providers and exclusive manufacturer agreements. Before listing your new car with the platform, you need to register it as a commercial vehicle with Zoomcarfor compliance. Zoomcar takes full accountability for liabilities that occur during the listing period, ensuringthe protection of your interests.
Another prerequisite for every car on ZAP, is Cadabra installation, a cutting-edge proprietary car monitoring platform which tracks vehicle usage and gives you alerts for preventive maintenance.Save big on maintenance with this addition.

Made for You

The ZAPster model is made for the young aspiring Indian demographic. Take the important lifestyle step of owning a car without compromising on the other things you like. Everyday costs are only going to increase. Shared car ownership is a smart way of gaining some extra income while also living the life you want.