Fuel efficiency and economy is the top concern of car owners, especially in urban areas. Furthermore, to keep vehicles manageable and safe for drivers, manufacturers also ensure that there is limited mechanical power. However, it is possible to optimise your power while ensuring improved fuel economy, engine operation, performance and increased torque by getting Diesel Tuning with CHIP Express™.

Let’s first understand what a hi-tech tuning chip actually is and how it affects your engine.

Hi-Tech Tuning Chips

Hi-Tech diesel tuning chips are programmed electronic microprocessor controlled devices which can be plugged inside the engine. These chips serve to monitor your car’s engine and improve its efficiency within the safe parameters set by the car manufacturer. Furthermore, the CHIP Express™ is a diesel tuning system suitable for both automatic and manual transmissions and can be installed or removed without breaking the car’s warranty. This is because unlike replacement chips which require you to open your ECU and replace the car’s original chip, CHIP Express™ can be simply plugged in to the engine.

Moreover, plug-in diesel chip tuning boxes do not require remapping which can easily be reset during routing tuning and car servicing. This is a hi-tech, digital tuning system which can provide you considerably improved fuel mileage and increased engine performance instantly.

Here are the top 4reasons why you should invest in high-tech, easy to install and trouble free plug-in diesel chip tuning boxes.

1 – Improved fuel mileage and economy

Fuel economy is high on the priority list of all car owners, especially in this economy. The reason for poor fuel mileage can be myriad, such as older model cars, damaged flywheels and unmaintained engines. These factors can combine to decrease the overall efficiency of your engine and increase fuel consumption. Hence, tuning your car or adding a hi-tech diesel chip can result in better fuel economy as it enables the vehicle to operate at a higher capacity for increased efficiency.

It is estimated that adding a tuning chip to your car can provide up to 20 percent increased economy. This is because tuning chips also provide more torque and power which allows you to change gears sooner and shift to lower gears less. This will ensure decreased RPM’s which in turn translates into more fuel economy.

2 – Better performance

Adding a tuning chip can enhance the operation of your engine within the recommended safety and legal parameters. This way, you can ensure that your vehicle regardless of the type, model or make is entirely suited to your driving and transportation needs. Tuning can also yield more power and torque for enhanced performance and a smoother drive. In short, investing in a diesel chip can allow you to upgrade the stock manufacturer standards for your car.

3 – Increased Torque

The CHIP Express™ digital diesel chip tuning box provides your engine with increased torque. Even with lower revs and higher gears, these diesel tuning chips can provide for better acceleration and more pulling power. This is especially useful for people who operate heavy vehicles or are in the business of towing. Even if you drive a car which is usually loaded or carrying extra weight such as pickups and vans, a diesel tuning chip can provide for a smoother experience while shifting gears or driving at lower speeds with higher gears.

4–No need for additional tweaking and lengthy installation procedures

The best part about hi-tech diesel tuning chips by CHIP Express™ is that it comes with everything you need and is ready to be installed. With a few do-it-yourself skills, you can easily install the plug-in tuning chip in your car engine within minutes. The package usually includes a digital tuning chip, a cable which matches your car, a weather resistant pouch for mounting as well as Velcro fixings.

This chip has been specially designed so it can be fitted or removed easily, without the additional hassle of taking your car to the mechanic.Moreover, the package includes a step by step instruction manual for fitting the tuning chip. You don’t need to worry about understanding complex settings or making complicated changes to your engine – the tuning chips can give you increased performance and lower fuel mileage instantly.

What’s more, with the CHIP Express™diesel tuning chip, you can give your engine an extra power boost of up to 40 percent. This means that your car will have an increased throttle response which in turn leads to more power and smooth gear changes for a better driving experience. Regardless of the type of vehicle or transmission, diesel tuning chips by CHIP Express™ can be easily plugged in or removed, without the need for cutting wires or breaking your car’s warranty. It can be fitted instantly with minimum effort, leading to improved performance and increased fuel economy which is more of a need than a desire in today’s economy.