They can come at you in the snap of a finger.

A serious auto accident can land you and/or loved ones with one heck of a mess on your hands. That mess is in the form of injuries, some of which could have a lifetime impact moving forward. With that in mind, doing your best to avoid serious auto accidents should always be a major priority.

That said some accidents are all but unavoidable. In many instances, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. When this occurs, your fate can be up in the air. One thing that doesn’t have to be up in the air is finding the right auto accident lawyer to fight for you.

When you and/or a loved one do get hurt, the right legal mind can go after the negligent party or parties. In doing so, you stand your ground. You make sure someone’s negligence doesn’t mean physical and financial heartache for you. While you hope to never be in a serious auto accident (see more below), know your legal rights if you are.

Practice Safe Driving All the Time

To decrease the chances of being in an auto accident, remember these three pointers:

1. Knowing your whereabouts

For starters, knowing your whereabouts at all times on the roads is crucial.

Even if you are the safest driver out there (see more below), you likely know the same isn't true with everyone else. As a result, your life can be in jeopardy at any moment. Although your focus is on your driving habits, know what others around you are up to.

As an example, someone weaving in and out of lanes or tailgating others is one to stay away from. Also, look for that distracted driver who may be using a cell phone or other item. They are not focusing on the road, thus putting themselves and others at risk.

Be cognizant of the road conditions at all times. This is even more important when weather conditions are not ideal. There is no reason to gamble and take a chance on being in an accident.

If the roads are wet, leave a little earlier for your destinations. Doing so gives you some more time to adjust to snow, rain, ice and whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

2. Proper vehicle maintenance

Taking care of your vehicle is important on two fronts. One, it makes you and other drivers and passengers around you safer whenever out on the roads. It also will save you money over time, meaning less expensive repairs down the road. If you get any notices of a relevant vehicle recall, be sure to check with your dealer.

While your vehicle may in fact be safe, it doesn’t hurt to get it checked out.

3. Obey the rules of the road

While your focus on the road can be gone at times, you should always make it a point to stay centered.

Avoid the following:

• Excessive speeding

• Drowsy driving

• Distractions with cell phones, makeup, eating, too engaged with passengers

• Road rage

With some road factors out of your control, one that is on you is obeying each rule necessary to be a safe driver. Don’t overlook road safety, something that can prove a life and death matter. If in an accident, remember to hold any negligent parties accountable. In the event they’re not, you’re the one who suffers driving forward.