When you spend a bunch of time out on the road, vehicle safety can’t be taken for granted.

Keeping that in mind, what are you doing to make sure all your trips are as safe as possible?

Whether out for a short ride from home or an extended trip, accidents happen . As a result, your life and those around you could be affected sooner than later.

So that your time spent on the road is as safe as can be, be cognizant of your vehicle and what is going on around you.

Have Vehicle Safety at Top of Your List

Even when safe driving habits are an everyday occurrence for you, how protected are you?

To make sure your vehicle of choice is the safest it can be, focus on the following:

• Engine and fluid levels – While even the best of vehicles can break down, odds go up when the vehicle isn’t cared for. Be sure to do regular maintenance checks on your car or truck, making it the safest it can be.

• Tires – Keeping your tires properly inflated is crucial too. Under inflated tires can prove a road hazard, along with those not sporting enough tread. It is especially important to check those tires before heading out on a long road trip.

• Brakes – If you don’t have your brakes checked, you are flirting with danger. When brakes get down to grinding, two things happen. One, they may not work when you most need them. The other problem is a brake job usually becomes much more expensive.

• Technology – Having updated technology in your vehicle works to your advantage too. Making sure you have a backup camera system in your car or truck is a great thing. That system can alert you to what is behind you at all times. Never have to worry about going in reverse again.

Be a Responsible Driver

As important as a safe vehicle is, the driver needs to do his or her part too.

When this means you, always have driver safety on your list.

It can be easy to slack a bit behind the wheel, even becoming dangerous to you and other drivers and passengers.

Do your best to follow these safety needs:

• Rules of the road – For starters, stay within the rules of the road. Even though it seems everyone speeds at times, do not make it a habit of yours. If you do feel the urge to go faster, do it where you won’t put others at risk.

• Driver engagement – If someone gets under your skin on the road, don’t take the bait and react. Road rage can not only lead to an accident, but something even worse. Too many people die over the years due to road rage. Let someone else deal with their frustration and go about your own way.

• Avoid distractions – Do you like to text or chat on your cell phone while behind the wheel? If so, the recipe for disaster is in place. Wait until parked somewhere safe before using your mobile device. If an emergency crops up, get off to the side of the road prior to using the phone.

With all you have on the line each time you set foot on the road, never overlook your safety.

Remember, there are likely people in your life waiting for you to get home safe and sound.