It’s fair to say that not all drivers are equal. Some of us make silly mistakes on the road and while it’s easy to disregard these issues as basic human error, they are quite dangerous. The majority of incidents on the road could have been prevented by one or more drivers. Just look at the case of the self driving car crash. An investigation found that the driver had seven seconds to intervene before the car collided with a wall. He just wasn’t paying attention and that’s only one of the most common errors that occurs on the road.

Forgetting To Refuel

Yes, there are plenty of drivers who simply forget to refuel the car. Now, you might think that’s not a serious issue. But imagine if the car runs out of fuel on a busy highway and you’re in the fast lane. Suddenly, you have to slow right down and get to the side of the road. That’s difficult at the best of times and near impossible when your engine has stopped working.

Road Rage

Anger makes you reckless and that’s why road rage is a serious offence on the road. It’s incredibly dangerous because now safety isn’t your top priority. You’re trying to get revenge on someone who has annoyed you. That could involve anything from pulling out on a driver and breaking to riding a bumper. Either way, it’s not hard to see why this could cause an accident.


In the car, distractions are everywhere. Just by holding a heated conversation you could find you’re not paying as much attention to the road as you should be. But one of the main distractions is cell phones. That’s why they are banned in most states and you can read about texting while driving in the infographic below.

Designed by Hilton Somer