There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new car. The smell of those seats and the shimmering paintwork are always drool-worthy, no matter what the model of who the manufacturer may be. We’ve all told ourselves that this will be the time we keep our brand new car looking spotless for the entirety of its lifetime. Of course, much like any material thing, it’s impossible to keep a car looking new forever. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it looking and running almost as efficiently as a brand new car for the majority of its lifetime. If you want to know some secrets that might help keep your car brand new on a practical and aesthetic basis, then here they are.

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Don’t run it into the ground.

The key to keeping your car in top condition, whether you’re hoping to sell it on one day or simply keep it breathing for as long as possible, is to be the most economical driver imaginable. We’re all limited by the machines we drive around, but what matters just as much as the nature of your new car in terms of fuel-efficiency is how you handle your car on the road. If you want to keep it running and feeling brand new, you need to avoid messing driving habits such as sharp braking, rapid acceleration and excessive speeding. All of these things will not only rack up your costs in terms of frequent refuelling, but they’ll wear out the brake pads and other components of the car.

Constant maintenance is key.

You might think that maintenance is required only as your car gets older and faults start to crop up, but maintenance requires that you maintain your car, rather than fix an issue after it has arisen. You need to be constantly checking your car’s oil and water level in order to ensure that everything is working as it should be; you want to catch a problem before it manifests into a problem out on the road and puts you or other drivers in danger. However, you might consider auto repair from a professional service if you come across a problem you don’t understand. If you want to keep your car brand new, you need to constantly maintain it in order to ensure it remains in its initial, perfect condition.

Wash your car regularly.

Whilst most people don’t wash their car as often as they should, this is because the majority of us have the mindset that cleanliness is simply an aesthetic decision. However, you should be washing your car once every week or every month not just because you want your vehicle to remain as spotless and glistening as it was on the day you bought it, but because this will help prevent the paintwork peeling or scratches developing from dirt. All of these things will not only ruin that “brand new” feel of your car, but cost you in terms of repairs.

Wax your car every now and then.

Whilst washing your car is the most important maintenance tip on a practical level, you should also think about waxing your car every few months or so. You’ll want to follow the car’s wax directions and ensure it’s dry before you begin, but as long as you use something such as microfiber towels for cars, it should be a relatively easy experience.