Being a pickup truck owner doesn’t make you that much different to people that own cars, for example. You both drive mechanical objects on wheels, and you all have to maintain and repair your vehicles.

Of course, there are many advantages to owning a pickup truck over a car. For instance, you don’t have to worry about not having enough cargo space for things like refrigerators or Christmas trees. Nor do you need to concern yourself when driving on anything other than asphalt!

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One thing you do find is that, as a pickup truck owner, you’re part of an elite “club” of sorts. And you’ll experience things that most car drivers will never need to deal with or think about! Here are six examples that ALL pickup truck owners can relate to:

1. People are always asking you to transport bulky items

Why pay a delivery company to ship you a new couch when you can ask someone with a pickup truck for a “favor”? One of the most common things you get asked is to haul people’s heavy or bulky objects in your truck.

2. Keeping your pickup truck clean is a pointless exercise

Many car owners willingly spend their weekends cleaning, waxing, and polishing their vehicles. As a truck owner, you just let nature take care of your cleaning needs by parking your pickup outside when it’s about to rain! After all; it’s only going to get dirty again tomorrow, right?

3. You obsess about your flatbed

The back of your pickup isn’t made from indestructible material. Pickup truck owners like you worry about this at times and will take all sorts of steps to protect their flatbeds. You might cover your flatbed with a stylish tonneau cover when it’s not in use, and you may even buy have a liner fitted (rubber or spray-on) to stop those scratches turning into rust.

4. You have a favorite place to go off-roading

Take most conventional cars through muddy terrain, and they are bound to get stuck. When you’re in a pickup truck, you can have all kinds of fun! Let’s face it; virtually all truck owners know of at least one favorite spot to go off-roading in their vehicles!

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5. There’s always something you can do to improve your truck’s appearance

Vehicle customization isn’t something new. In fact, people have been doing that to their cars for decades! The thing is; pickup truck modifying is only starting to take the world by storm. With that in mind, you and your fellow pickup owners will always be thinking of the latest and greatest mods to fit to your trucks.

6. You feel like a king (or queen) of the road

The driving position in a pickup truck is higher than most cars. As such, you get to see more of the road and environment around you. When you’re behind the wheel of your truck, you feel like you have a commanding view of the area and, as such, are a king or queen of the road!

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