To get more than a bird's eye view of your current or next vehicle's record, you'll need to employ the use of some specific but very powerful tools. VINCheckPro is one of them and provides an advance VIN check to give you full records on a vehicle's history. It helps consumers who are looking to sell, or buy, validate some information and learn more about its history. At current, VINCheckPro is one of the fastest and has the biggest collection of records.

Here's our review:

1. Providing comprehensive car report

We did a quick check on some after-market cars and turned to to come up with a report. In our pick, it showed us very valuable information on accidents history, the recalls, and the accurate mileage readings of the vehicle of our choice. This is really helpful, especially if you're buying a car from somewhere else.

On the other hand, do note that if you're selling one, these information will be available to whoever that does a check up on your vehicle's history. The upside is that reports like these give potential buyers more comfort and confidence, which ultimately means making it easier to sell your car with haste!

You can easily download your vin check reports in PDF format.

2. 2 minutes to get a car's full history

Another one of the advantages of doing a history check up on a vehicle using VIN Check Pro is the speed of which these information is given to you. In less than 2 minutes, you get to see a very comprehensive report - and if a seller is hiding some serious accidents from you, this will definitely shed some light to it.

3. It helps you with your decision

Since after-market cars are not brand new and wear and tear is prone after several years, VIN check reports let you assess the risk. A full report gives you details such as:

a. Accident history

b. Total loss record

c. Structural damages

d. Taxi, lease, police use

e. Vehicle specification

f. Theft check

g. Environmental score

h.  Odometer reading

i.  Recalls and defect

There are 60 other vehicle problems that these reports can give you, so if you're in the market for a new vehicle, always do a check up. It will always end up saving you more money by making an informed decision.

Other benefits:

On top of just checking out the history of your next car, you can also check out other services provided by VinCheckPro. One of it is its VIN Decoder directory and another is its VIN Directory.

VIN Decoder directory allows an inside peek to cars by manufacturers, and it is not limited to cars. In fact, it covers all ranges from automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, buses, and vans. This in-depth look is incredibly detailed too.

VIN Directory on the other hand is simply an easy tool for anyone to use wanting to look up the history of a vehicle. As you know, VINs go all the way back to the 1950s, so needless to say, they are pretty comprehensive!

Get your vin check here and review all the important data points before making the next step.