There are a huge number of car accidents occurring around the country every day. And understanding the causes of these incidents is one of the best ways of ensuring your stay safe on the roads. 

Yes, some of these factors might seem obvious, especially to those of you who have racked up years of experience behind the wheel. But no matter how many hours you have spent driving, the following info is still incredibly relevant. 

Let’s take a look at the six top causes of car accidents and try and make the roads a safer place for drivers.


Distractions while driving can occur from an enormous range of reasons. Talking too much, playing music too loud, having noisy kids in the back who are screaming for attention - all can lead to a fatality. Drivers should try and keep distractions to a minimum, including using their phone and eating food. 


No matter how comfortable you are behind the wheel, or how fast you think you can drive, avoid speeding as much as possible. Those speed limits are not in place to spoil your fun; they are there for your safety and that of other drivers on the road. Speed kills, it’s as simple as that. Even if you are a great driver, your reaction times to prevent an accident will increase by a significant amount.

Drunk driving

Alcohol and cars are not a good mix. Ask any car accident lawyer about how drunk drivers can ruin lives, and they will tell you some seriously sobering facts. And no matter how much you think your evening is being spoiled because you drink, it just isn’t worth it. If you go out at night, make the right choice and either go with a designated driver or stick to the sodas.

Reckless driving

Everyone drives recklessly at some point, either through accident or design. However, the more you do it, the more you will be tempting fate. The sad thing about reckless driving is that people end up dead for the most stupid of reasons. Consider the driver who undertakes because they want to get home a couple of seconds early. Or the car owner that tailgates just because they want the person in front to move out of the way. If these kind of things are important to you, you probably shouldn’t be in a car at all. 


Extreme weather conditions have a significant impact on the safety of any given road. Tires can slip on icy roads; rain and fog can obscure vision; extreme heat can lead to engine failure and crashes. Make sure that when you are out driving in any extraordinary weather conditions that you are driving safely, changing your tires to something more suitable, and driving in a careful manner at all times. 

Ignoring road signs

Road signs are there for one good reason - to keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe. Get into the habit of running red lights or ignoring stop signs, and you will end up in a crash - it’s as simple as that. Always be aware of road signs, and you will avoid rollovers, side impacts, and running over innocent people.