Most people spend around six months learning to drive before obtaining their license. They often gain excellent road skills during that time. However, something happens within the next couple of years, and they seem to forget everything they learned. Bad habits creep in, and drivers become considerably more dangerous on the roads. To highlight the severity of the issue, we wanted to draw your attention towards some of the consequences you can expect to experience. We hope this article will shock you into improving your approach and making sure you are always as safe as possible when behind the wheel. 

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Police arrests and criminal convictions

The police in our country stop more than 36,000 motorists every single year for acting irresponsibly on the roads. Some of them drank alcohol before leaving home, and others just weren’t paying attention. You don’t need us to tell you how much hassle an arrest could cause. In some instances, the adverse publicity could mean you lose your job or gain a bad reputation. In extreme circumstances, you could even end up spending time in jail. That is especially the case if your actions had negative consequences for other people. The last thing you want to do is get on the wrong side of the law, so think ahead!

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Car accidents involving serious injuries

Statistics show that more than four million people become injured on US roads every single year. That is a shocking number that most people will struggle to accept. Even so, it’s true, and it could happen to you. If you don’t stick to speed limits and break the rules, you might cause such an incident to occur. Can you honestly live with something like that on your conscience? Knowing that you’ve put someone in the hospital and stopped their earning abilities is stressful. 

Terry from Crawley Truck & Bus agreed “Some people take time out from driving or slowly get careless, simple refresher courses can save lives.”

You might also have to deal with compensation cases in some situations. Lawyers who specialize in cases involving automotive accidents are unlikely to lose in court. That is especially the case if you were to blame for the crash. They will take you for everything you’ve got. 

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Car accidents involving fatalities 

One average, around 40,000 people die as the direct result of a car accident each year. If you’re unlucky enough to cause a smash of that nature, it will change your life forever. You’ll have to live knowing that you ended someone else’s life. You are almost guaranteed to spend time in prison, and so you might not ever manage to work again. Most employers are less than enthusiastic about offering work to convicts. You’ll also receive a driving ban that could last for the rest of your life. 

Now you know how your poor driving could have serious consequences, we hope you will try to improve. There are lots of refresher courses available you could take. Most of them won’t break the bank, but they could prevent you from breaking bones. So, do yourself a favor and spend time working on your road skills in 2017. It could stop you from making mistakes and ending up on the wrong side of the law.