For many people, our cars are our pride and show. A combination of blood, sweat and tears funded the financing for our vehicles, and whether it’s a fancy new BMW Coupe or a humble Ford Focus, it’s a good idea to keep up appearances.

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A dusty, grimy car doesn’t do anyone good. Not only can a messy car hurt your driving experience and, in some cases, cause accidents and long-lasting issues to your vehicle, but it’s also not a very pleasant method of transportation. Do you think your children or partner wants to be seen in a mucky car? Doubt it! Do you think it’ll be easy picking up a date with a dirty vehicle? Absolutely not!

Do yourself a favour and follow these three simple tips on how to improve your car’s appearance. It’s always a good investment in both your money and time to buff up your new car, so let’s get started!

A Deep Clean

A drive-through clean might be enough to clean off bird droppings and mud, but it’s not going to get rid of caked in dirt and grime. Do yourself a favour and take your car to a hand car wash, or get your hands dirty with a sponge, some soap and car cleaning products. Polish the paint, buff it up if there are chips or flaking paint, and give it a nice shine.

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Not only should you clean the outside, but the inside is also going to get dirty from everyday use. If you’re a smoker or if you eat in your car, then you’re going to have lots of strange smells and stains all over your car. Give the foot mats a nice wash, hoover up all the crumbs and get an air freshener to remove any funky smells.

Style Your Car With Aftermarket Parts

You can install fender flares, aftermarket wheels, new seats or even some custom upholstery to give your car a fresh and clean look. This is especially useful if the car you bought comes with drab or basic parts that make it look too vanilla for your tastes. You don’t want to install too many parts, however. If your car ends up looking like a sports car or gives off the impression you’re a street racer, then you’ve probably gone too far.

At the end of the day, your Ford Fiesta is still going to be a Ford Fiesta under the hood. Don’t style it into a sports car because that’s going a bit overboard.

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A New Set of Wheels

This was mentioned in the previous point, but it deserves its own section as well. A new set of wheels can drastically change your car’s appearance. Most cars come with rather basic stock wheels that wear out easily because they’re standard. Cheaper and older cars especially will come with wheels that easily show their age. Replacement tires can be very expensive, but it shows that you really love your car and it reflects the driver’s care for their chosen vehicle. While it’s an expensive investment, it’s also one of the best ways to improve your car’s appearance.