If there is an issue with your car, it doesn’t always mean that you need to take it in for a fix. For instance, you might find that the seatbelt light on your dashboard is constantly on. Annoying maybe, but it’s certainly not life-threatening or even remotely dangerous. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable to just leave this as it is because more often than not, it’s a crossed wire. Unless the light is proving to be a nuisance while driving or it’s combining with a beeping stay away from the mechanics.

There are other issues that aren’t real threats too. For instance, you might find that you have a small hole in your windscreen. This can happen if a rock or a piece of gravel has hit the windscreen while you were driving. You’ll know if there’s a hole because you’ll hear a high-pitched whistling noise at high speeds. Again, it’s not a serious issue. If you can live with the sound, ignore it.

Of course, there are other problems that could prove to be a serious threat. Either they can make your car dangerous to drive. Or, they can simply lead to an expensive repair if left untreated. What type of issues are we talking about?

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Any Trouble With The Brakes

Never ignore an issue with the brakes. The most common sign is a screeching when you press down on the brake pedal. If this happens, it points to a problem with the pad. This means that when you want to stop the car, it might take longer than usual. Eventually, the pad may not work at all. You might also find that the brake pedal feels stiff or too loose. This is probably due to any issue with the pipe containing the brake fluid. If it is cracked, you can get this type of effect. A mechanic will be able to fix the issue before a problem with your brakes causes an accident on the roads. 

Stiff Transmission

You’ll know if there is a problem with your transmission due to how your gear stick responds. You might find that either it is difficult to find a gear or it gets stuck in one place. You might also on rare occasions find that the car slips out of gear. Obviously, this can play havoc with your driving, and it may even be dangerous. But the biggest concern is the cost. If you keep trying to drive your car in this condition, your transmission will need replacing. On the other hand, if you take it to get a transmission service you can repair the issue instead. It’s a lot less expensive.

Burning Scents

Finally, you might find that your car is filled with the smell of burning. This points to a serious malfunction with your engine or exhaust. Either way, it is crucial to get the problem checked out immediately. The car is almost certainly dangerous to drive and at the very least costing you a fortune in fuel.