There are plenty of good reasons to decide to buy a used car over a new one. The first, and most obvious, is, of course, the price. A used car isn't going to set you back nearly as much as the equivalent new one. But that's far from the only reason to do it. You often have more choice over a used car, since you're not limited to those just off the factory line, and you have a greater chance to find out what the car is like from people who have actually owned them. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't things that you need to look out for when you purchase a used vehicle. In fact, a used car comes with its own set of concerns that you need to be aware of. Here are a few things that you should definitely consider before buying a new car.


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It pretty much goes without saying that, unless the car is nearly new, a used car is going to require more maintenance than a new one. This is simply because cars do tend to wear down over time. This applies to every aspect of the car, from the engine to the wheels to the chassis. While you might find yourself paying less right out of the gate for a used car, you could end up racking up a far higher auto repair bill than you would if you'd bought a new one. That's not to say one option is necessarily better than the other, just that it's something that you need to consider and weigh up which is better for you.


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One of the things that a new car definitely does have to recommend it is the level of warranty that usually comes with it. A new car could come with as much as a year or more whereas a used car is likely to have something closer to a few months if anything. The same goes for something like the servicing. When you buy a new car, it often comes with a year's free servicing or more. A used car on the other hand with likely not come with anything of the sort.

Looks can be deceiving

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Sometimes you can get in a car, and you immediately know that it's a total hunk of junk. But that doesn't mean that that's always going to be the case. In fact, there are plenty of cars that seem practically new! But don't be fooled, a lot of the time car salesmen work very hard to make sure that the vehicles they're selling look (and smell) as good as possible. But that doesn't mean that it's the same story inside the car. Make sure that you get a good insight as to the quality of the engine, the brakes and everything else. Request a full service history as well as a record of all previous owners. The car may, in fact, be as good as it looks, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.