Having a nice car is one of the pleasures of the modern age. But some people take it to an extreme level. They do everything possible in their power to make sure that their rides are the most spectacular and the most original. Surprisingly, there is quite a lot of things that you can do to pimp your motor, read on to find out what they are.

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Some people choose to work on the exterior of their car first. It makes sense, as that to the part that people will see most often. The most popular modification by far is the wing or spoiler. Added to the back of the car, these devices reduce drag from the air, so in theory, make your ride go quicker. However, the fact that they look pretty cool too shouldn't be ignored! 


Many cars have modified lights. Some of these are just a better wattage of bulb or swapping it out for a LED light, in the original fitting, while other people choose to rock a light rig. A light rig is a structure that fits into the outside of the car, which spotlights and strip lights can be fixed to.


Of, course lots of people change their exhausts on their cars. Some people go for a catalytic converter which allows them to use unleaded petrol. While others pick their exhausted based on performance or sound. If you are looking for a range to choose from, pick something like the ones available from Flowmaster exhaust systems.


One of the most iconic things you can do to your ride to modify it is to get it lowered. If you are feeling really fancy then why not install some hydraulics too. This is most famously done on muscle cars, and allows the vehicle to raise up and down and also do a weird sort of booty popping for automobiles.


Tinted windows are a must for all car modification enthusiasts. They keep the sun's glare out for your eyes, so you are less likely to crash your little beauty. They also give you that allure of mystery, as other drivers can't see in, while you can still see out.

Paint Job

Of course, with all your shiny new modifications you won't want to ignore getting a slick paintwork job to go with it. Traditional muscle cars rock the 50’s flame motif. But to make your ride stand out, you can choose from a myriad of finishes. Go for metallic paints, decals, and even hand sprayed airbrush art like these gnarly examples here.

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If you have spent a small fortune on the outside, sooner or later you will want to make sure that the inside is kitted out to a similar standard. You can have a lot of fun with the inside of your car. Install a top end subwoofer for your tunes. Get a customized leather finish for your seats, or change the dashboard for one made of antique wood. Your imagination is really the only limit here.