Any car connoisseur worth their salt will have several vehicles in their possession. The thing is, some people have cars that aren't very interesting or exciting. Boring! If you're guilty of having a dull collection of cars, it's time to fix that problem. Here's how you can amass some beautiful examples of automotive engineering:

Buy cars that tell a story

Talk to a few collectors of notable autos, and you'll notice one thing: they all have cars that tell a story! I'm talking about ones such as those that achieved world land speed records, for example. Or the first Ferrari in a limited run of five models. Such cars will boost your cool factor and appreciate in value over the years!

A luxury home on wheels

SUVs are known for their cavernous space and luxury features. Anyone that has a car collection should also have vehicles they use as "daily drivers." Consider buying cars like the Jaguar F-Pace or the Range Rover Sport to add to your collection.

Don't forget the classics...

You don't have to be a classic car enthusiast to enjoy owning and driving them. Firm favorites like the Jaguar E-Type and the MGB GT are two shining examples you should have in your garage.

... or the hot hatches

It would be sacrilege not to own a hot hatch! From the VW Golf GTi to the Lancia Delta Integrale, there's a raft of choices out there. Top tip: buy at least one that can be your "showroom piece"!

Everyone loves a fast car

If you're a car nut, you will no doubt enjoy driving high-performance vehicles. Make sure your collection includes at least one sports or supercar. And, no, you don't need to own a Bugatti Veyron (although that would be amazing if you could afford one)! Here are some other fast cars you might consider:

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