Do you ever think about the efficiency of your vehicle? You may have briefly considered it when you bought the car and then forgotten all about it. If you stopped to think, you might realize, that your vehicle is costing you a lot more in fuel than it should. You start to realize that you stop for petrol far more regularly than you used to. Why is this and what are the possible fixes that you should consider? Well, it turns out, there’s quite a lot that can affect the efficiency of your vehicle. 

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Tyre Wear And Tear

How long have you had the tyres that are currently on your car? If the answer is more than two years, you might want to take a closer look at them. Give them a firm kick and make sure they are not under inflated. That’s all it takes to know whether there’s enough air in your tyres. You should also be looking at the treads on your tyres. They should not be worn or faded. Instead, they should be clear and cut deep into the the rubber. Any sign of damage to the tread on your tyres could affect the efficiency of the vehicle on the road. 

Get Your Car Checked Out By An Expert

You should take your car to a specialist if you’re worried about efficiency. Particularly, if you have a high-performance model like a Honda street car. If you take your vehicle into a professional like GT Imports Limited, they will examine your vehicle. They should be able to tell you whether there are any issues that could be affecting efficiency. For instance, repairing a faulty oxygen sensor could increase the mileage by forty percent. 

Chip The Engine 

You could also look into chipping or coding the motor. Again, this is something that you should consider if you own a high performance, modern car. Chipping or coding the motor involves adapting or altering the engine performance. You can do this by changing the CPU in the car. The CPU is the chip that determines how the engine performs in different situations. As such. You need to be careful doing this. It’s a job that should only be completed by experts. Many people debate the significance chipping can have on car performance. However, most people agree it does affect efficiency even if the change is only moderate. 

Make Modifications 

Just how fast do you drive your car on the road? If you’re a regular speedster, you might want to think about some larger, bodywork modifications and quality car batteries. For instance, you can get a spoiler for your vehicle. A spoiler pushes the car onto the road at higher speeds. It also means that there is less wind resistance hitting back against the vehicle. You can also look into more extensive changes. For instance, you can get new air grills cut into the bodywork. This is something you may want to consider. Particularly, if you ever plan on taking your vehicle onto the tracks. 

We hope you found these ideas of how to make your car more efficient interesting.