Finance plays a major role when it comes to making an investment on the physical assets like a truck. At present truck plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of any business be it manufacturing or the agriculture. It is required to transport raw materials from the place of origin to the place of production.

At the same time it is also required to transport the final good to the market place. Hiring the trucks on the short run may be a good option but not in the long run. Of you cannot afford to buy a new truck then you can go in for the used trucks.

However, you need to take into consideration certain things before you buy used semi trucks for sale. No doubt that it is a used product but you are still paying money for it.  Therefore consider the following things before buying a used truck:

1. Inspect the truck only in the daylight. Do not depend on moonlit night to check the truck. Many of the flaw a might remain hidden on this case.

2. Check the engine properly. Start the engine and after driving for a while apply brakes. Restart the engine. If it shows some trouble on restating them talk to the owner and get it checked by the mechanic.

3. Test for the panic brakes. Create a simulation for a panicky situation and confirm whether the brakes work appropriately when applied in such a situation.

4. See for any dent on the roof. If you see that the roof of the truck is elevated from some point or the other then do check the model properly. There might be rust on the inner side of the roof from that point.

5.  You also need to drive on a rough road to check if the shocks control after bouncing. The shocks are probably worn out if it bounces thrice or more.

6. You need to check the brake pedal, armrests, upholstery and pits on the windshield. You need to see in case these are worn out.

7. You also need to check the switches and all the accessories like light, air etcetera. Also look on the inner side of the each tyre to check for any indication of leakage.

8. Any sort of knocks while you start the engine gives indication that the crankshaft or connecting rod bearing is not up to the mark.

9. Pay attention on the coolant fluid. If it is not greenish in color then the engine has the tendency to overheat. Excessive amount of grease and oil deposited on the engine gives a hint that the truck was not taken care of properly.

10. Also there is a need for you to check each and every opening and body panel joint for fit.

11. If you want to fit a crane to your truck, check with crane maintenance before fitting

All these simple points if kept in mind can help you to break a perfect deal. This can also save you the regret of having bought a used truck ever.