There are scores of different ways that we can make our cars more unique. Some of us, of course, aren't too bothered about standing out from the crowd. But, for others, we want to turn our vehicles into one-off masterpieces!

We might do some subtle changes like lowering the suspension or fitting a body kit. The only thing is, changes like those affect how much we pay for our insurance. One way to personalise a car without paying more insurance is by getting a private number plate.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

So, what's in a number plate? What does it tell us about the car's owner? Believe it or not, private number plates give a real insight into the lives and lifestyles of car owners. Let me share with you some examples of how that is so:

My name is...

One of the biggest reasons people buy private number plates is to tell the world who they are! It's common to see plates that spell out the owner's first or surnames.

It's no secret that many car owners are proud of the vehicles that they drive. In fact, to an extent, they treat their cars as an extension of themselves!

And what better way to celebrate that fact than to buy some DVLA number plates? More of us are buying private plates each year that bear our names. And there's no sign of that trend declining any time soon.

Even famous celebrities and people in the public spotlight have private number plates. For example, the entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar has the private plate "AMS1" on his Rolls Royce Ghost II. And comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has "COM1C" on his Mercedes-Benz C-Class.


Some wealthy individuals like to show the world how successful they are. Let's face it. If you see a Ferrari on your street, you might wonder who owns it. A private number plate can give some good clues to the vehicle's owner. For many people, private plates are a way to advertise their wealth and status to the world.

Of course, not every wealthy person got gifted their fortunes. Many millionaires got to where they are today through sheer hard work and determination. They will have come from humble beginnings. Take the entrepreneur, Sir Alan Sugar, mentioned earlier on this blog post.

He didn't come from a wealthy background. His success was down to his entrepreneurial skills. And it's something he learned from a young age! So, of course, private plates aren't just a way for rich people to flaunt their wealth. They often serve as reminders to those people of where they came from.


Believe it or not, some people get private number plates linked to their occupations! From firefighters to civil engineers. You name it, someone in that industry will have a private plate linked to their job! It's an interesting way of honouring the industry that one works in.

Final thoughts

As you can see, we buy private plates for all kinds of reasons. Some of us do so to tell people who we are. Others get plates because of a love of something (or someone).