Buying a car is a huge expense for many of us. But we all need to get around, and that requires us to have a reliable set of wheels. If the time has come for you to ditch your old car and get a new one, you will be facing some tough decisions. The main one is, do you buy a brand new car or do you opt for a used one? This is a debate that has raged for a long time. But it might be as straightforward as you had always imagined.

If you ask me, you shouldn’t opt for a car that already has a high mileage. But you also shouldn’t waste your money on a car that is brand new. Both of these are bad options for ordinary people who want a good car but also have to stick to a pretty tight budget. Instead, you should buy a nearly new car, and here is why.

Depreciation is On Your Side

Depreciation is a huge deal when it comes to buying a car, and you need to understand how it works. Depreciation is something that predominantly affects brands new cars. When you buy a new car at the manufacturer’s price, it will instantly drop in price when you start driving. Even if you bought the car brand new and sold it the next month, you get a sizeable drop in its value. But if you buy a car that is nearly new, then depreciation is on your side. It allows you to buy a car that is almost new without having to pay the high prices associated with a brand new car.

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You’ll Feel Like You’re Driving a New Car

When you buy a car that is nearly new, you will get the feeling of driving a new car. The car won’t technically be brand new. But if it’s only been on the road for a year or six months, then it won’t feel much different to a car that actually is brand new. This is a big deal, and you shouldn’t underestimate it. If you want to see what I mean, then you should test drive a nearly new car. Go to a retailer that deals in these kinds of cars, such as Autoworld, to do that.

It Gives You More Flexibility

When you buy a car that is not new but nearly new, you save money as I outlined above. What’s significant about that is that it gives you more flexibility in the future. So, you will have the choice of keeping the car or changing it. When you buy a new car, this is not really an option because you will never recoup anywhere near the amount of money you spent on it. So, you have to stick to the same car or risk losing a huge amount of money. Neither option is great for many people. If you’re the kind of driver that likes to switch your car regularly and try something new, you need a nearly new car. These allow you the chance to sell the car for not much less than you bought it for within about a year of owning it.

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