Mercedes-Benz is a famous auto brand and one of the German "big three" car manufacturers. With scores of iconic models to its name, they are a much-loved brand by millions around the world. Everyone knows that Mercedes-Benz manufacture prestige, premium and high-performance cars.

Based on that fact, some folks assume it costs a lot to maintain vehicles from that marque. But, it might shock those people to learn that "cheap" Mercedes-Benz maintenance IS possible! How? Let me share with you some of the secrets behind this strange concept:

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Choosing the right model

Perhaps the first and most important thing is to buy the right Mercedes-Benz model. When I say "right" I mean one with fewer known issues. While they mostly make reliable models, Mercedes-Benz do have some troublesome cars.

The best thing to do is research the likely issues one may encounter with any given model. Doing so online is the fastest and easiest way to do that. Be sure to check out enthusiast forums and car review websites.

Don't perform complicated repairs yourself

Sure, you might have an impressive tool kit at home. You may even have invested in some Mercedes repair manuals. But, some jobs are best left to the professionals. I'm talking about things like cylinder head repairs, transmission swaps and so forth.

Quite often, DIYers will attempt to do such work themselves. Many of them end up paying more than if they would have used a shop for the repair!

Don't drive like a maniac

There's no question that today's modern Mercs have bulletproof engines. But, if you drive an older model hard all the time, one thing will occur. You will end up having to fix things a lot more than you'd like!

To keep maintenance costs down, tone down your style of driving. Avoid excessive and sharp braking, for a start. And change gear well before you reach the rev limiter.

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Buy genuine parts from unofficial sources

Do you enjoy performing simple servicing and maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz at home? If so, it makes sense to use genuine OE parts on your pride and joy. Of course, we all know that Mercedes dealers charge premium prices on parts.

One way around the problem is to source your genuine parts from unofficial sellers. Examples include independent specialists, eBay sellers and so on. That way, you get the parts you need while saving a substantial sum.

Be strict with your service scheduling

You might not think it, but not adhering to service schedules can be damaging to your motor's health. Irregular oil changes, for example, can cause metal engine parts to wear out faster. Things like valves and pistons are affordable parts but expensive from a labor point of view.

That's why you should always stick to your Mercedes service scheduling. Your owner's manual should give you full details of when to carry out maintenance on your car. Otherwise, contact your local dealer and ask them for the details.

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So, there you have it. It IS possible to maintain a Mercedes-Benz without going broke. Even an AMG model!