Is this the return of the great British icon to the spotlight?  We believe so!  We were absolutely blown away with the latest from Aston Martin and can clearly see the efforts the design team made into reaching a new market with this beauty.

The Geneva motor show is a spectacle year after year, with displays of the latest designs and concepts from the world’s auto manufacturers. 

These displays are sure to appeal to car enthusiasts looking to add the latest models to their collection, or to impress their fans or followers.  With many thousands of other visitors, the auto show is also where people will make a decision on their next car.

Orders from the show reached new levels, despite the current economic climate. Aston Martin in particular surprised all the journalists with their presentation of the new DB11.  The public had many sneak previews in advance, from the latest James Bond movie, to leaked images of the DB11 cruising in the mountains.  But nothing can replace being in the presence of this engineering delight, and quite literally, Aston Martin have made a bold statement.

The DB11 is set to replace the now 13 year old DB9, and it was a tall order to surpass the elegance and beauty of that fine stable mate.  The latest model is also a product of Aston Martin’s new partnership with Daimler, who will contribute the almighty Aston-AMG V8 motor.

The motor is at the heart of this fine auto.We can say that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance. The DB11 incorporates a new twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12 which is designed in-house, and produces 600 horsepower with 516 pound-feet of torque.  The catalogue claims it will run from zero to 62mph in 3.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 200mph.

The interior is the traditional 2+2 arrangement with room in the trunk to carry a couple of suitcases and overnight bags.  Astons’ interior has been upgraded, but is so distinctly full of the heritage of 103 years of auto making. 
The numerous added features include a 12-inch TFT LCD screen which provides a virtual gauge cluster, with infotainment functions handled on an 8-inch screen to form the center console.  These finishing touches no doubt came from the drawing boards of Daimler, but add refinement to the DB11.

Buyers will have the option to upgrade to a touch screen version of the center console, much like the offering from the Mercedes S-Class.

This latest offering is inspired by the vision of the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer.  They created their new model after clearly identifying their ideal target clientele. In this case, they elected for a wealthy female demographic. This seems to be a new trend, with wealthy ladies looking for premium autos to be identified with. 

Aston have certainly delivered the perfect package, no matter the buyer.  The DB11 has raised the stakes for Aston Martin and once again, the stable is alive with a new model ready to hit the streets.

Aston is quick to point out that each of their models is distinctly unique.  Their sound and vibration caters to different drivers or buyers in the luxury market.  Sound acoustics play a key role in all of this, and Aston said; "each sound has been paid close attention, so they have harmony and a proportionate context to one another. Nothing has been left to chance."

This type of technology implementation is cutting edge – it is an important factor that isset to play an important role in the way we interact with alarms and sounds from our cars. Aston led the way with this, and we expect to see other manufacturers to follow suit very soon.

Aston Martin kindly provided a price guide for us too. For deliveries which will commence later this year, the entry level will set you back $211,995 in the US. We think it is worth every cent.