All autos built from the mid-1990s onwards come with an OBDII diagnostic port. In a nutshell, this is where auto shops plug in computers to determine the source of many faults. Cars these days have built-in microprocessors called ECUs. The acronym is short for "Electronic Control Unit" in case you wondered!

You might not think it, but it's possible to turn even a basic car into a "smart" one using its OBDII port. Many tech manufacturers have built devices that plug into those ports. Upon doing that, you unlock all kinds of useful features. Here are some examples that you are bound to use each day:

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Remote Control

Some high-end cars like BMWs offer "connected car" functionality. This is where you can manage various aspects of the vehicle remotely. For instance, you can disable the alarm and unlock the doors without needing your key fob.

These days, it's possible to add such functionality to any car using an OBDII gadget. Auto parts maker Delphi is one such company that offers this functionality.

Driving Behavior

Do you let your offspring borrow your car? Do you worry about how they drive when you're not sat next to them? It doesn't matter whether you drive a Ford Fiesta or a Porsche 911. You want to make sure that your kids don't drive like maniacs on the road.

Although it might seem a little "Big Brother" you can track their driving behavior. And, no, this doesn't involve installing secret cameras in your car!

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There are OBDII gadgets that can record their speeds and driving style. You can then access that information using a computer. Some gadgets offer 3G connectivity. That gives you the option to look at real-time data as they drive.

GPS Tracking

Your car might have an immobilizer and alarm system. But, that still won't stop a determined thief from stealing it! Short of hiding your car out of sight, there is little else you can do to disable it.

Should the worst happen, one thing you can do is track where it is. That way, law enforcement officials can stop the car in real-time and arrest the thieves.

Take a look at this website for an example of auto GPS Trackers: As you can see, there are no expensive installation costs to bear. All you do is use your car's built-in OBDII port.

Cell Phone Signal Jamming

One of the biggest distractions to any motorist is when their cell phone starts ringing. Or when notifications of new text messages or Facebook updates come through. As you can imagine, looking at your mobile phone and driving at the same time is unsafe and careless.

Sometimes the urge to resist looking at your phone is too high. Of course, you don't want to travel in your auto without your cell phone. So, what can you do? One example is to use an OBDII gadget that blocks cell phone signals!

One of the "smart" things about such gadgets is they only work when they detect the car is moving. It keeps signals unblocked in stationary vehicles.

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