Citroen have showcased their newest market venture, the Citroen C4 Cactus. The new and improved offering represents yet another step in Citroen’s attempts to diversify. The Cactus shares some characteristics with Citroen’s classic 2CV model. Indeed, a glance at this new car will give you a good indicator of the influence of the 2CV.

The CV Cactus looks set to make waves in the car market. In fact, it’s already been named as Carbuyer Car of the Year. It won the award for it’s practicality, low running costs and incredible value for money.

If you’d like to get a feel for what a standard C4 is like you can find every kind of Citroen at Carcogroup. This will give you an idea of the look and feel of earlier Citroen models. Then you can think about stepping up and getting yourself a C4 Cactus. In fact, it won’t be long before you can pick up a Cactus from here as well.

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Its vibrant and attractive SUV styling makes this one of the trendiest looking models on the market. So what exactly is cactus-like about the Cactus? Well, most notably the pads on its sides. These are a new design feature from Citroen that adds an extra dimension to this vehicle. Of course, they add to the defensive qualities of the vehicle. But most important of all they make the car stand out. It becomes recognisable in a crowd and sticks in your mind.

So what is the car itself like? We know it looks great, but how does it operate?

Well, in many ways the car’s design is that of a large hatchback with SUV styling. In fact, it’s difficult to effectively categorise this vehicle. Which knowing Citroen was likely to be the point. The engine offers everything you could want or need. It’s a 1.2 litre with 109 brake horsepower behind it. If you’re a more reserved driver, there’s always an 80 bhp alternative you can try out.

The handling and steering prove effortless. This is a vehicle that knows how to glide around corners. It’s the perfect town car as it maneuvers without effort around bends and across winding roads. It’s a comfortable and enjoyable ride once you get behind the wheel. It’s performance on the road makes this the perfect vehicle for both long journeys and short trips.

One of the most attractive features of this delightful motor is its price. Ranging from between around £13,000-£18,000 the car represents one of the best values for money on the market. Its fantastic fuel economy makes it even better value to run. You should also see some good resale value from this model.

The inside looks great, it’s warm, inviting and trendy. The soft material making up the interior adds a touch of class to proceedings. And as with all Citroen models the car is certainly one you can rely on. There are six airbags, stability control and all manner of high-quality safety kit. This remains one of the safest models available.

It's brilliant, funky looking and great value for money. The Cactus shows that Citroen have returned to their enigmatic best.