Nissan have given the world some dependable, reliable cars. But, they have also given us some fantastic monsters too. Skyline, anyone? But, the Geneva Car Show has been full of surprises this year. No more so than the release of the Nissan Sway. Nissan has always been well known for coming up with versatile, affordable yet good looking hatchbacks. But, the concept of the Sway was launched yesterday at the show. It certainly held a lot of sway with motor lovers at the convention.

A Glimpse at the Sway

The Sway concept revealed a small, egg shaped car. Yes, this may not sound like the most appealing visual description, but bear with us. The styling is sleek, chic and modern. It’s almost sport in its design. But, it also has five doors. So, is the Swat sportier looking hatch for the family market? Probably not. The Nissan Sway is definitely for the city dwellers. The long dark V grilled and the boomerang shaped LED lights are a must. The gun-metal grey concept was the one on display. But, contrasting with the grey was the orange hues within the air ducts. The floating roof motif is a quirky style alternative. It’s certainly going to be a hatch for a new generation. Millennial’s will love it.

Interior Styling

According to an expert, at Smith Nissan car dealership, the interior is going to have a sleek, elegant design. The panoramic roof made entirely from glass, it a sweet feature. But, the windscreen is oversized too. It has a long windshield that goes entirely above the drivers head. In essence, the Sway could be akin to a glass topped car.

For those that aren’t overly impressed with the dark glass features, the central fitted tablet is sure to be a crowd pleaser. After all, combining tech and cars is something that car brands, like Nissan are keen to do.

The Sway is more minimalist than its predecessors when it comes to interior. But, the touch screen interface and chunky dash are a good touch to the car. After all, Nissans of late has been, dare we say, boring in their design.

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So, What is the Point of the Nissan Sway?

As with all concepts, they are bold feats of ingenuity. They are designed to engage and enrapture their audience. Has the Sway achieved this? We think so, yes. The Nissan Sway was intended to redefine the hatchback. After all, hatchbacks have become somewhat lacklustre of late, and people want more cars for their money. The styling is said to be more dramatic. This is what Nissan wanted to achieve. A bolder, more dynamic design for the next generation. It’s certainly a good looking car and with all of the tech additions, it’s going to appeal to a lot of younger people.

It seems that the concept of the Sway is to make the super car market and hatches feel more fun again. The design is a great touch to the once boring market. It seems that the competition for sales in the new world is driving car manufacturers, like Nissan, to be more daring in their design. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for hatches in the future.