Getting your automotive and electrical goods prepped for another winter can be a headache, but the last thing you want to do is leave your investments out in the cold. If you’re ready to pack in the clubs and store your golf cart for the winter, make sure you remove the vehicle’s battery after you’ve got it safely parked and away. Fluctuating or downright nasty temperatures can severely damage or ruin your battery, meaning when it’s finally time to hit the fairway, you’ll be out of a ride and in need of a costly replacement.

Remember that the cold can damage the electrical current running throughout any 6-volt golf cart battery, causing it to lose its charge or completely die when you try to start the vehicle in the spring. Freezing temperatures can also destroy some of the internal components of the battery, preventing it from being jumped or recharged when you want to use the golf cart again.

Temperature changes in the storage facility can also cause condensation to gather under the hood of the cart. This can allow water to infiltrate the electrical components, damaging them and causing them to burn out. To prevent these situations, you want to properly remove and store your battery elsewhere for the winter.

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The best place for your batteries over the colder months is a dry area that has a regulated temperature. This could be a heated garage or basement, for example, but don’t rest things on top of concrete or cement. You can also clean your 6-volt golf cart batteries to help prevent corrosion from developing or worsening over the winter.

An unused battery is going to deteriorate and lose its charge much more quickly than a battery that is being charged regularly, so you want to charge it approximately once a month to keep it healthy throughout the off season.Perform a fulltop-up charge again right before you use the machine in the spring.It’s important to watch your battery closely while you charge it, and make sure you remove it from the charger once it’s reached a full charge. Over-charging the unit can cause more damage and more electrical problems. Make sure that you’re using a charger designed for your specific battery to prevent any other problems from arising.

Proper care of your golf cart batterywhile it isn’t being used will help preserve its overall life, saving you money and time in the long run. Since Canadian winters areso cold and brutal, besure to seek out batteries that have some durability to them, even if you’ll be storing them away while the snow falls. Head to to check out agreat Canadian battery supplier; they’re one that will definitely be able to help you through any issues or complications that come up.And remember — less time worrying about your ride means more time thinking about your swing!