Mercedes Luxury in Motion is not going to be available anytime soon, but it is a glimpse of what the automotive industry is going to look like in the future. And who says high tech can't be stylish?

It has outsized LEDs on the front and rear, features a lounge-like interior and has four rotating seats and an array of screens inside that support gesture controls and eye-tracking.

The F 015 includes a pair of "LED fields" that change color based on the car's current driving mode too.

It displays screens on the side panels too and can be controlled by just taps or gestures. 

It has a heads-up display that shows street numbers, restaurants available and more. It is the connected car of the future. 

Obviously, a car of the future like this will be able to drive itself, look for its own parking space, and come back to the driver.

Check out the future in the video below: