BMW are beefing up their model lineup this year. There are plenty of new models to attract new and existing BMW fans, one of which is the new BMW M4 convertible. When the German car maker had a model shake-up, one of the first casualties was the much-loved M3 model.

BMW fans were all shocked to learn that the coupe and convertible M3 models got moved over to the new 4 Series. You can still buy a brand new M3, but it’s only available in five-door saloon format.

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Don’t let the new model numbering system put you off. The new M4 convertible will always take its roots from the much-loved M3 convertibles of the past!

Introducing the new BMW “F82” M4

The BMW M4 concept car got unveiled to the world back in 2013. It got unveiled at the iconic Pebble Beach/Monterey automobile weekend on the 15th August.

More recently, BMW recently announced that it is ready to start taking orders for the new M4 convertible. But should you consider buying one? Danny from expects the model to be a hit with die-hard M3 convertible fans. Here are some of his reasons why:

Under the hood

The new M4 convertible features a 3.0-litre 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo gas engine. BMW says that the M-tuned engine is good for 431 brake horsepower.

It redlines at 7,500 rpm and will get you from zero to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds without breaking a sweat! You would think that such an engine would have poor environmental statistics, but it would appear that is not the case!

The twin-turbo engine offers gas mileage of 31 to 32.5 mpg. Engine emissions are around 213 g/km.

Lightweight body

Most people would assume that such a wolf in sheep’s clothing would be heavy. BMW say that the new M4 convertible sticks to its lightweight construction principle used in recent models.

For example, the hood and front panels going down the side of the car are of aluminum construction. In fact, there are plenty of components on the car made from this strong but light metal.

The new M4 convertible also has a race-car feel to it. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic gets used throughout the car. Motorsport fans among us will tell you carbon-fiber is a strong, durable material which is super light!

BMW say the use of both materials ensures that the M4 convertible offers excellent steering and handling.

Three-section folding roof

Fitted to the BMW M4 convertible as standard is a three-section folding roof. It has a full interior lining and offers good soundproofing. It has a winter-proof construction. That means you can drive the M4 convertible in all weather conditions without worrying about leaks!

The electric roof folds down in just twenty seconds. Most convertibles require drivers to stop before operating the roof. But on the BMW M4 convertible, you can operate it at speeds of up to 11 mph.

Are you planning on buying a BMW M4 convertible soon? Let us know what your thoughts are on the car!