We all want to look good at every possible opportunity. That’s just a given - you can’t escape it. That’s not just vanity either. It turns out that looking good can help you do better in your career! That sounds crazy to us, but who are we to judge?

Style isn’t just about how you look. It’s about what you wear, too, and also about what you drive. We think the car is a key component to anyone’s style. If you were to put Ryan Gosling into a terrible car...bad example. He’d still be Ryan Gosling, and he’d still be awesome, but the point still makes sense. There’s no point honing your look if your car doesn’t match up. We think a car should reflect your personal sense of style.

Your look should dominate every room that you enter from the second that you walk into it. You can say the same for your car. When you’re driving around the town, you want a car that causes people to look twice. You want a car that turns heads. Of course, that’s not the only thing you need from a car. There’s no point having a great-looking machine that doesn’t work as a car. You won’t win any style points by standing at the side of the road with a busted engine.

We think the perfect car for your style should turn heads and run like a dream at the same time. That rules out all those awful MPVs and family cars. Chances are you can’t afford a supercar either. Vintage vehicles look cool, but they’re unreliable. They also tend to sell at pretty unrealistic prices, unless you have a few billion in the bank. The best way to get yourself a solid, stylish vehicle is to go big.

The 4x4 is the best choice for anyone who wants a stylish ride that won’t let them down. These beasts are the best cars around. They run anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You could drive these things across the desert, and they’d still be smooth as silk at the end of the trip. You can fit them with all kinds of modifications and gadgets. They’re a tech-lover’s dream. What’s most important is the look. They give you a huge amount of style and swagger. They dominate the road and make people pay attention. There are lots of these vehicles on the market, but the one we’d recommend is the Audi Q7. When you buy a German car, you know you’re buying quality. They’re also well-respected by people who know motoring. They’re not too expensive, either. Used models are available at Saxton 4x4 for competitive prices. Anyone in an Audi Q7 is the star of every show. We’d get one in white - they look cool as hell in white.


Style is important for a vehicle. You don’t want a dud on the driveway. Anyone who loves their sense of style should take the time to find a great car for them. We think the Audi is the best bet, but go with whatever suits you. After all - it’s your style.