Global warming has been a major concern for many people across the world. At the same time, various world leaders have committed themselves to reduce the dependence on petroleum by their countries. In line with this, sustained efforts have been directed towards the designing and production of environmentally friendly cars. Indeed, such cars have seen major adjustments aimed at making them more comfortable and improve their performance. This year has seen the production of some of the best electric cars of the decade. Instead of this cars relying on gas to power their engines, they rely on power from rechargeable batteries.

Top electric cars of the decade

One can rank electric cars based on the distance they can travel before their battery is recharged. While this issue has been a challenge for various manufacturers, advances in technology have made it possible for such performance to be improved. As such, with a fully charged battery, many of these cars can cover longer distances.

Tesla model S

This is arguably the best electric car of the decade. Although the sedan has a relatively high price tag, it offers great value for money. With a retail price of around $ 81,000, the car is suitable for car lovers who cannot compromise on range. In line with this, it has been proved that this car can cover an impressive distance of about 265 miles before the battery is recharged.

Mercedes B-Class electric drive

This four-door hatchback is designed and produced by one of the most trusted car manufacturing  companies in the world. As such, the car is designed to emulate other standard cars as much as possible. In addition to this Mercedes model having a range of 125 miles, it has a seating capacity of five. For this reason, the car can be bought and used by smaller families.

Kia Soul EV

This electric car has great potential as an urban commuter vehicle. Just like its gasoline counterpart, the stylish design of the hatchback makes it very practical and fun to drive. At the same time, the car has a large enough cargo space and enough room for all passengers. In terms of being a green car, the Kia Soul has a number of environmentally friendly controls even in the cabin area. Lastly, one should remember that the battery can power the car for 124 miles before being recharged.

Volkswagen e-Golf

This is another great electric car of the decade. Indeed, the car has been refined so as to offer greater performance. The manufacturer of this car states that the electric motor produces a force of 115 horsepower and a torque of 200 pounds. Such impressive performance translates to a comfortable range of around 118 miles. Moreover, the low centre of gravity of the battery is meant to make the car more stable on the road.

Toyota Rav4 EV

Although the body of the Toyota Rav4 EV is similar to that of its gasoline counterpart, it borrows most of its features from Tesla. Indeed, the battery, motor and various electronics are manufactured by Tesla. This combination makes the car surprisingly fast while ensuring safety in case it is involved in a crash. With a market price of $ 49,000, this car offers buyers a range of 103 miles.

Before driving on public roads, it is important for one to familiarize themselves with various road safety rules and regulations. By taking the DSA theory test and practical driving test, one will be considered a competent driver under the law.