Kia's GT4 Stinger concept, will remain as a concept, because as a top Kia Motors executive said, a sports car wouldn't help the brand or boost profits.

Marketing chief Lee Soon-nam said Kia’s first priority needs to be strengthening brand image and awareness, with niche products being possible only after the carmaker achieves that.

“The volume will be smaller and then we can’t enhance the brand image fully. We would like to build our brand image to some level. Then we can maximize the effects of the new car launch,” Lee told Autonews. His comments are contradictory to those of Hyundai and Kia global design boss, Peter Schreyer, who believes Kia needs a small sporty car to strengthen its image as a brand for the young.

“From a marketing point, a new car launch should be helpful to enhancing the brand image. If a Chinese brand introduced a roadster, would it affect customer perception? I don't think so,” Lee said. “Even though we are doing very well in the global market, many customers do not know Kia yet,” he added.

So for now, we'll just have to wish the GT4 Stinger gets built, one day.