The best online advertising campaign for the i3 electric vehicle would be best if it included genuine reactions of people test driving the car. They invited 45 teams to test-drive the car in Berlin, London and Madrid and then filmed their reactions.

The test-drivers were people with no prior experience of electric vehicles: couples, families, friends, students and co-workers, aged between 20 and 65. Even a Hollywood star, American actor and producer Josh Hartnett, was also filmed during his first BMW i3 experience.

“We realised right away, after the first test-drives, that we should utilize the excitement of BMW i3 test-drivers for a really authentic and unique form of communication,” said Dr. Steven Althaus, head of BMW Brand Management and Marketing Services BMW Group. That’s because BMW believes un-staged situations and unscripted dialogue “convey the authentic reactions and enthusiasm of drivers and their passengers.”

Check out the experience below: